How to make detail shots work for you AND your clients – By Richard Bell Photography


The gorgeous bouquet, a yummy cake, DIY centerpieces… There’s no doubt that capturing the details of a wedding is a must when shooting for publication. Editors love to feature detail shots because they want to write posts and articles that will inspire their readers who are likely in the process of planning their big day. While detail […]

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It’s All About Perspective: Game Changing TBL Tips from Erin Johnson Photography


Erin from Erin Johnson Photography is a without a doubt a publications wiz. When it comes to knowing each and every Two Bright Lights publication, she’s an expert. Her understanding of exclusivity policies and who’s accepting her style of photography has allowed her to target submissions and maximize each album’s number of features. Erin’s determination […]

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Inspiration and Getting Published Go Hand in Hand, as Told by Riverland Studios


As seasoned wedding photographers, with over 20 years of combined experience, the Riverland Studios team is privy to industry knowledge that newcomers only dream of. They’ve documented hundreds of weddings, creating a wildly successful photography business located in the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina. While Riverland Studios’ work is a big hit with potential clients […]

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JoPhoto Says Getting Published Should Be on the Top of Your To-Do List


Before starting her career as a photographer, Kathleen from JoPhoto was an experienced Public Relations professional. Her background in PR still plays an important role, influencing the ways in which she markets her business and increases her brand awareness. Viewing herself as a “news reporter” for her company, Kathleen knows that getting her work published […]

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How To Grow Your Business And Your Vendor Network By Limelight Photography

Eye_Peterson_LimelightPhotography_3_0 (4)

Rebecca Zoumberos, of Limelight Photography, is no stranger to the world of weddings. Holding degrees in Advertising and Graphic Design, while also having worked in the catering and photography industries, Rebecca has a strong understanding of what constitutes a successful business and how photographers can offer top-notch services to couples planning their big day. Her […]

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