Meet Our Members on Monday: Featured Editorial Partners, Mazelmoments!

Happy Meet Our Members On Monday! This week we are dedicating our post to two of our lovely editorial partners. We are so excited to have had the chance to put this dynamic duo on the hot seat, and even more thrilled that the time has come to feature them on our blog. Ladies and gentlemen… meet Cigall and Sheryl! They are the editors of Mazelmoments— who also happen to be a mother and daughter team. We  loved learning a little more about their incredible teamwork. We hope you enjoy getting to know them as much as we have!


Introducing Cigall and Sheryl of Mazelmoments!


Cigall & Sheryl 2

Please tell us a little about Mazelmoments. What inspired you to start a blog? 

Cigall: is an award-winning website founded by a mother-daughter team (Sheryl Daboosh & Cigall Goldman) from NYC. Our goal is to help simplify and add fun to the process of planning any event inspired by the Jewish culture, including: weddings, bat & bar mitzvahs, baby celebrations, holidays and more. The site is a filled with creative ideas and multi-media listings for families to search, browse, save and share.

We were inspired to start Mazelmoments when I got engaged in 2009. It was such an amazing time in our lives, but we found it challenging to find the information we needed online, and time-consuming to find vendors and resources to plan a Jewish wedding. We heard similar feedback from friends and colleagues planning bar and bat mitzvahs and looking for mohels and venues for their child’s bris or baby naming. It was then that we recognized a need in the market for an innovative Jewish and Interfaith event planning website.

Sheryl: So we set out on our goal to create an online community that would inspire couples and families with the latest trends, real event photos, expert ideas and advice.  We also wanted to create a trusted destination for people to find high-quality venues and event professionals that have experience with Jewish and Interfaith events.

How would you describe the style of Mazelmoments? What types of submissions are you looking to receive through Two Bright Lights?

Cigall: We love our jobs! We are both fun-loving and outgoing people who enjoy a good party, and this shows in everything we do. From the design of to the style of writing, we aim to engage and inspire.  Because we work so closely together, we’re also able to share our unique mother-daughter perspective with our readers.

Sheryl: Our ideal real event submissions include Jewish and Interfaith weddings, bat and bar mitzvahs, and baby celebrations (brit milahs, baby namings). We love having the opportunity to speak with the families and photographers so that we can share their celebration in both words and photos. There is so much diversity in how people choose and personalize their décor, theme or color combinations, and entertainment elements.  Photo submissions should include as many of these details as possible.

We try to communicate that there are great options, and your budget doesn’t have to dictate or limit your choices.  For every outrageously expensive event, we also come across absolutely gorgeous DIY or budget-friendly options. We love to showcase the beauty of the ceremony, the emotion, and the fun that goes into the celebration.  We strive to inspire through beautiful photos, creative details, and touching stories.

Share a little about you two! How did you get started in the event industry?

Cigall: It’s funny – looking back we can see that everything in our careers has prepared us for this time in our lives. I have a background in business, and always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. After working as a management consultant for 10 years, I decided to go back to NYU for my MBA.  I then became a strategic planner for a Fortune 100 company, where I was also involved with planning high-level corporate events. It was there that I was bitten by the event-planning bug.

Sheryl: I have been fortunate to have had a lifetime of mazel moments, many of them shared with Cigall.

My parents, Holocaust survivors, taught me the importance of Jewish tradition and to be proud of our heritage. Mazelmoments is a perfect way for me to be a part of celebrating the beauty, importance and continuity of our traditions and heritage. As a former college instructor and senior sales consultant, I’ve developed many of the skills necessary to build and grow a company devoted to helping others make their plans for an unforgettable Jewish celebration a reality. And of course, I have my perfect business partner…my daughter!

Who or what inspires you? 

Cigall: We are constantly in awe of the creativity of couples, families and event planners and designers. We love seeing how people translate their personality and style into their special day. It’s the details that really inspire us.

Sheryl: Outside of the wedding and party planning landscape, we are constantly influenced by our surroundings. Strolling up Fifth Avenue and looking at luxury store window, walking through the botanical gardens and museums, taking trips out to the country, watching a beautiful sunset or lounging on the beach… Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything.

Cigall: But most of all, at this time in our lives our family is growing. I now have two nieces and a nephew who I am obsessed with and a daughter on the way! New life gives our lives new meaning. I’m constantly in awe of the beauty and miracle of life, and try to make the most of the amazing journey.

Could you tell us about your experiences with Two Bright Lights?

Cigall: Two Bright Lights has introduced us to a world of photographers and event professionals that we may not have gotten to know or work with otherwise. We are so appreciative and honored to be a part of the network. We absolutely love being able to showcase and promote the work of these talented people. Two Bright Lights really has created an environment where everyone can benefit!

Thank you Cigall and Sheryl and make sure to check out the wonderful!


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