Meet Our Members on Mondays: Cary Diaz Photography

Happy Monday! It’s time for another post featuring a stellar member of our community, Cary Diaz of Cary Diaz Photography!
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Cary Diaz is a Miami based photographer who services all of South Florida. She specializes in portrait sessions for newborns, children and teens, as well as weddings. Although her father was a professional photographer when she was a child, her passion for the medium did not truly ignite until her son was born in 2010. Two years later, her daughter furthered her drive and love for photography.

Cary began Cary Diaz Photography while completing her bachelor’s degree and working full time. She started by offering free sessions to her family and friends and posting them on social media sites. A year later, she decided to pursue her new dream and work as a photographer full time. Cary now does over 200 sessions and events each year.

Cary makes sure all of her clients, whether a couple or child, feel relaxed in front of the camera. She is silly and will do anything to get “the” shot.

When Cary isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and kids, and travels to Disney World several times a year.

Cary’s Top Pro Tips

1.   As hard as it may sound, never compare yourself to others; only compare yourself to the photographer you were, the photographer you are now and the photographer you want to be.

2.  Make sure to have an online presence, not just a social media presence. Blogging is very consuming but so worth it! Social media can truly help your reach, but make sure it’s always leading back to your website/blog.

3.  Keep learning. You will never know it all! Strive to become better and try new things.

Cary Diaz Photography

When Cary received the phone call that someone was interested in having her photograph newborn triplets, she almost fainted! She knew this was a very special occasion. The two girls and one boy were one month old. The session took 6 hours to complete, but the three of them were so sweet the entire time, as you can clearly see!

Photo of triplets under knit blanket by Cary Diaz
Photography by: Cary Diaz Photography
Parents holding newborn triplets by Cary Diaz Photography
Photography by: Cary Diaz Photography
Black and white photo of triplets by Cary Diaz
Photography by: Cary Diaz Photography

In Latin culture, a girl’s 15th birthday is a big occasion. It is typically celebrated with a big party and photos to memorialize her coming of age. Ashley did a more formal portrait session previously at the beach. However, she also wanted fun, bright pictures with the famous graffiti of Wynnwood Walls. These dynamic shots certainly capture the excitement and energy of Ashley’s age!

Young Hispanic Girl in Front of Graffiti
Photography by: Cary Diaz Photography
Young Hispanic Girl in Front of Graffiti
Photography by: Cary Diaz Photography

Cary met Quinn’s parents for their maternity session. She offers a convenient service where she photographs newborns in their own home and brings all of the necessary items to do so. Typically, newborns are photographed within 14 days of birth, but Quinn was a little older at 5 weeks.

Baby yawning in knit fireman hat by Cary Diaz Photography
Photography by: Cary Diaz Photography
Baby asleep in knit crab costume by Cary Diaz Photography
Photography by: Cary Diaz Photography


Cary’s Two Bright Lights Experience

“It was a long-time goal for me to be published somewhere, but I didn’t know how to go about it. A fellow photographer mentioned Two Bright Lights and I was hooked! It was so easy and convenient to submit to multiple publications at once. I was beyond excited when I received that first email saying I was going to be featured only a few hours after using it for the first time. It’s not only a time saver, but I always look forward to submitting my sessions.”


Thanks Cary! Be sure to view more of her work at her site or her blog!

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