Meet Our Members on Monday: Evan Chung

Happy Monday! Today we’re psyched to introduce to you to a talented photographer, our friend Evan Chung.

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Evan Chung is a moose-loving, beach-going, camera-toting, coffee-drinking, joke-telling, Xterra-driving, BBQ planning, late-sleeping, wanderlusting, flipflop-wearing, outdoors-adventuring, family-loving, spider-hating, noodle-devouring, tech-geeking, art-appreciating, laugh ’til you cry kind of guy.

Evan is a Bay Area wedding photographer and loves creating photographs of intimate moments. He still melts when a solar flare peeks around a backlit couple at sunset and it’s not uncommon to catch a glimpse of him fighting back a tear during a ceremony (but he’ll likely deny it forever). After shooting a wedding, Evan often feels like best friends with the whole party and wishes he could go dance with them at the reception. He admits to having a problem with wanting more camera gear and copes by seeking out household items that simply resemble such equipment!

He has been shooting professionally since 2007 and his love for the “sport” grows with every wedding he shoots. Even as a busy industry professional, Evan also works for Zenfolio to provide other photographers with beautiful websites and speaks at photography events around the nation.

Evan’s Top Pro Tips

1. Be creative! Creativity is the what brings photography to life and ultimately fuels an ongoing relationship between you and the images you make.
2. Be more than your gear! As a wedding photographer, you are so much more than just the photos you take. Your interaction with clients and their guests can have an incredibly strong impact on how they experience your photos. Your first impression with them can affect how they feel when they look at your photos. Be sure to have fun and interact with folks outside of the lens.
3. Be humble! To value your work is crucial. To brag about your work is crushing. Just be yourself and allow your images to do the talking

Evan Chung Photography

Here are two weddings Evan shot in 2013 that are great examples of his intimate style and discerning eye for those special moments that characterize such a special event. The first took place in Woodside, California at The Mountain Terrace, with floral design by Bella Fiori Floral Design. We love that Evan even captured the groom tossing around the ol’ pigskin!

First look for bride and groom
Photography by Evan Chung Photography
Groom throwing football
Photography by: Evan Chung Photography
Bride and groom outdoors in Northern California
Photography by: Evan Chung Photography
Groom kisses bride's cheek
Photography by: Evan Chung Photography

The next wedding is a gorgeous incorporation of Indian tradition with Sonoma flair. It took place at the Chalk Hill Winery, with gorgeous vistas of the surrounding hills providing a backdrop for the ceremony.

bride and groom during their traditional Indian ceremony by Evan Chung
Photography by: Evan Chung Photography
Indian bride wearing traditional sari by Evan Chung Photography
Photography by: Evan Chung Photography
bride and groom during their traditional Indian ceremony by Evan Chung
Photography by: Evan Chung Photography
bride and groom embrace by Evan Chung
Photography by: Evan Chung Photography

Thank you Evan, for sharing your insight and passion. We’re sure you’ll want to see more of his work, so head over to his professional site, Evan Chung Photography, or his blog!


Hansen & Karplus Wedding: Floral Designer:Bella Fiori Floral Design//Reception Venue: Mountain Terrace//


Skantharaja & Lahiri Wedding: Linens and Coverings: bbj linens//Event Venue: Chalk Hill Estate//Event Venue:Chalk Hill Winery//Equipment Rentals: Hartmann Studios Rentals//Event Planner: Napa Wedding Source//Caterer: Park Avenue Catering Co.//Cinema and Video: Thomas Hughes Films//

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