Editorial Interview: Heather Vreeland of Occasions Magazine


In just a few short days, the submission deadline for Occasions: Weddings Magazine Fall 2014 issue will be upon us. If you’ve recently shot a stand-out, drop dead gorgeous wedding, login to Two Bright Lights today to submit!


Two Bright Lights: What are you looking for when you review wedding submissions?

Heather Vreeland: Unique details and a color palette that ties it all together. Occasions is all about helping our brides celebrate in style and that means using creative ways to make longtime traditions new again. We feature couples in all stages of life and all budgets because ultimately it’s the unique ideas that will inspire future readers that we’re after… no matter what they cost and if they were at an intimate backyard wedding or grand ballroom reception. Style is style and we want to bring readers diverse ideas.

TBL: What makes for a great submission?

HV: First, beautiful photography. Second, a balanced number of different shots. Fifteen similar shots of the bride and groom are too many for a single submission. I like to see images that tell the entire story, from getting ready to the grand exit.

TBL: What style of photography do you typically prefer?

HV: Light and airy, not too posed or staged.

TBL: Any top tips for how to get published on Occasions Magazine?

HV: Submit, submit, submit. We review submissions daily, and when we see a winner, we accept it even before the deadline.

TBL: What submission requirements should photographers keep in mind?

HV: To be published in print, we require exclusive content. For online features, we don’t require exclusivity, but when I see a submission that’s been submitted to us and 17 other sites/publications on the same day, it doesn’t make me feel like the photographer truly wants to be published by Occasions… rather just published by whoever will accept it. When I see a photographer who has submitted to only Occasions, I take more time in reviewing that submission and give it more consideration.

TBL: What are some of your favorite trends for summer weddings this season?

HV: I will always love a neutral color palette, but I’ve seen a few weddings recently that have had pops of color mixed with neutrals and I have to say it’s my favorite look. I will never tire of a wedding that looks organic and effortless… and of course includes those color-coordinated details.

TBL: Anything else you’d like to share?

HV: Don’t forget, Occasions features all events! Beyond your weddings, send us bar/bat mitzvahs and parties, too!

Upcoming Print Submission Deadlines:

July 1, 2014: Occasions Magazine Fall 2014 issue

November 1, 2014: Occasions Magazine Winter 2015 issue

November 1, 2014: Occasions Magazine Annual Mitzvah Guide

March 1, 2015: Occasions Magazine Spring/Summer 2015 issue

Photography by: Red Stone Photography
Photography by: Red Stone Photography

Photo courtesy of Red Stone Photography, featured in Occasions Magazine

Photo of Heather Vreeland by Ben Vigil

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