Editorial Interview: Kim Kuhn of Destination Weddings & Honeymoons


In just a few short days, the submission deadline for Destination Weddings & Honeymoons November/December 2014 issue will be upon us. If you shot a stand-out wedding or honeymoon within the past year that took place in an amazing locale, login to Two Bright Lights today to submit! Wondering about how to get published in this fabulous magazine? Read on for an exclusive interview with Kim Kuhn, photo editor at Destination Weddings & Honeymoons.

Photography by: Lisa O’Dwyer Photography

Two Bright Lights: What are you looking for when you review wedding submissions?

Kim Kuhn: I love feeling moved by a wedding. I’ve been married 3 years myself and when I’m going through takes of a wedding from start to finish, I want to feel like I know (and care about) this couple. The photographs should take me on a journey through their day as if I was there with them. The love they have for each other should be captured in their expressions and body language. When they’re tearing up, I should be tearing up too because I know what it feels like on that incredible day. I want to smile from ear to ear when the groom has a goofy grin as he embraces his loved ones.

TBL: What style of photography do you typically prefer?

KK: I tend to lean to more documentary-style weddings because they are usually filled with really intimate and candid moments captured as if the photographer was merely a fly on the wall. When the photographer is documenting rather than directing, it seems to produce the most unique and special images.

I enjoy photos with a specific aesthetic that keeps the series cohesive throughout and has a sense of perspective. Energy is always great too. I also love to see weddings with a lot of creative ideas and details. We want to provide a service to our readers and of course we want show them amazing vendors and venues, along with spectacular destinations, but if they can pick up an issue and become inspired to give their wedding a personal touch based on something they’ve seen in Destination Weddings & Honeymoons as well that’s a wonderful added bonus.

TBL: One last tip to share?

Last but not least, technique is essential. Thoughtful compositions and beautiful light will always grab my attention.

TBL: What submission requirements should photographers keep in mind?

KK: We’re an exclusive publication, so submissions featured in another print publication, blog, or website (aside from a small personal feature on your own site) are not considered. The wedding must have taken place within a year prior to submission deadline. In addition to shots of the bride, groom and wedding party, we also want detail shots that showcase the location and give a strong sense of place. Please include a comprehensive list of vendors to the submission. Take a look at our Real Weddings section on the blog to get a sense of the types of images we publish.


Print Submission Deadlines for Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

July 4, 2014: November/December 2014 issue

September 5, 2014: Worldwide Guide issue

November 7, 2014: March/April 2015 issue


Photo courtesy of Lisa O’Dwyer Photography, featured in Destination Weddings & Honeymoons

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