Editorial Interview: Michele Schwartz of The Modern Jewish Wedding

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Michele Schwartz is the founder and editor-in-chief of premiere Jewish wedding resource, The Modern Jewish Wedding. She is a nationally recognized expert on Jewish weddings and a sought-after speaker at wedding conferences across the country. By attending these events as a speaker and a participant, she learns the questions on everyone’s minds—and shares the answers with her MJW readers. This month, The Modern Jewish Wedding is holding their annual cover contest! Submit your best Jewish or Interfaith wedding photo via Two Bright Lights by July 31st for consideration. 

Photography by: William Innes Photography
Photography by: William Innes Photography


Two Bright Lights: What are you looking for when you review wedding submissions on Two Bright Lights?

Michele Schwartz: The first thing I look at is the history tab of the submission. I want to see if the wedding has been published to other blogs with a similar focus.

Then, I look at the pictures to see if there is at least one Jewish wedding detail (for example: chuppah, Ketubah, hora, kippot). If there is, I check to make sure that some vendors have been credited and that there is an Album Story or Message from the photographer.

TBL: What makes for a great submission?

MS: An amazing venue, fabulous details, or beautiful expressions from the couple and/or guests can make a submission stand out. There’s also that intangible feeling when I see the photos and feel as if I was a guest at the wedding.

TBL: What style of photography do you typically prefer?

MS: A really great submission for the Modern Jewish Wedding includes different types of images that feature multiple angles and styles: candids and posed, close up detail photos and wide angle shots of the venue, etc. I don’t have a strong preference as long as the pictures are beautiful!

TBL: Any top tips for how to get published in The Modern Jewish Wedding?

MS: We never have enough content! We’re always looking to feature more beautiful Jewish (or Jew-ish) weddings. Simply taking the time to logon to Two Bright Lights to submit is the best way to be published.

TBL: What submission requirements should photographers keep in mind?

MS: At least one member of the couple must be Jewish. Photos should depict at least ONE Jewish or Interfaith detail. The Modern Jewish Wedding has readers that span from Modern Orthodox to Interfaith. We respect every type of Jewish or Interfaith wedding, but we have to be able to tell where the Jewish tradition or style was included.

TBL: What are some of your favorite trends for weddings this season?

MS: For Jewish and Interfaith Weddings, I love the sheer amount of choices available for Ketubot (plural of Ketubah). Collecting the shards from the glass broken at the end of the ceremony to create a piece of art for the couple’s home is such a wonderful way to memorialize the day. I’ve seen more and more creative ways to personalize the chuppah, which I also love.

When it comes to non-denominational wedding trends, it’s all about the dessert! I go absolutely ga-ga for non-traditional desserts. A pie bar, make your own sundae bar, a popcorn bar and the cupcake bar are some of my favorites.

TBL: Anything else you’d like to share?

MS: I am proud to be the only publisher in the Jewish wedding niche who has served as both an award-winning event planner and a credentialed professional Jewish educator. I have an in-depth knowledge of Jewish wedding traditions and rituals, but also understand the logistics of event planning. The Modern Jewish Wedding represents this unique background and allows me to educate and connect with my readers.


Print deadlines for The Modern Jewish Wedding

July 31st, 2014: Cover Photo Contest for The Modern Jewish Wedding

Print Features will be selected starting in November 2014. Watch Two Bright Lights for more information.


Photo courtesy of William Innes Photography, featured on The Modern Jewish Wedding

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