Editorial Interview: Aly Fiebrantz of The Wedding Connection Magazine


Aly Fiebrantz is the editor in chief of The Wedding Connection Magazine, a fabulous blog that also has two local print editions serving New Mexico and West Texas. August 15th marks the next submission deadline for The Wedding Connection West Texas Magazine, be sure to login to Two Bright Lights and submit today. Read on for an inside look into Aly’s favorite 2014 wedding trends and submission guidelines!

Photography by: Anna Smith Photography
Photography by: Anna Smith Photography


Two Bright Lights: What are you looking for when you review wedding submissions on Two Bright Lights?

Aly Fiebrantz: We are looking for submissions for a few purposes! First, we post 5 to 7 features a week on thewcmag.com; we’re always looking for new weddings to showcase on our blog.

Secondly, we accept New Mexico and West Texas real weddings for print publication in our bi-monthly magazines. Finally, we also accept gorgeous styled shoots!

TBL: What makes for a great submission?

AF: A great submission for our blog is one with a complete vendor list, lots of focus on the details and something fun or unique about the big day. For the print publications, we are looking for location-specific weddings. We wish to feature couples from West Texas and/or Northern New Mexico, or weddings held in those areas.

TBL: What style of photography do you typically prefer?

AF: We love natural light photography, candids and traditional portraiture. The most important part to us is that the style should best reflect the gorgeous wedding the photographer is capturing.

TBL: Any top tips for how to get published in The Wedding Connection?

AF: We are always on the hunt for fun, fab weddings that are stylish and timely, so keep submitting via Two Bright Lights!

TBL: What submission requirements should photographers keep in mind?

AF: As I’ve mentioned, we only accept West Texas and Northern New Mexico weddings for each respective magazine. Otherwise, submit away!

TBL: What are some of your favorite trends for weddings this season?

AF: I am just obsessed with grey bridesmaid dresses and decorations. It’s such a cleverly classic color palette. I also love, love garden roses and Billy Balls in arrangements. Creative, individualized weddings that truly reflect the bride are the best! Nothing is sadder than seeing 10 weddings that all look the same.

TBL: Anything else you’d like to share?

AF: I love TBL! As a small magazine, it would be impossible for us to produce the rich content and beautiful photographs we do without it.


Print deadlines for The Wedding Connection Magazine

August 15, 2014: The Wedding Connection West Texas Magazine

September 15, 2014: The Wedding Connection New Mexico Magazine

October 15, 2014: The Wedding Connection West Texas Magazine

November 15, 2014: The Wedding Connection New Mexico Magazine


Photo courtesy of Anna Smith Photography

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