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Stacy Tasman founded HowHeAsked after taking part in a close friend’s proposal. She was so moved by the experience that she created a place where people could come together to share their own sweet, silly and unusual engagement stories! Since HowHeAsked began, Stacy’s posted tons of beautiful proposal shoots, many submitted via Two Bright Lights. Want to learn more about how to get published by this awesome blog? You’re in luck! Read on for an interview with Stacy to get the inside scoop on how to create the best submission for HowHeAsked.


Two Bright Lights: How did you come to start HowHeAsked

Stacy Tasman: I started HowHeAsked.com in September 2011. It was shortly after a dear friend’s (now) husband asked me to be a part of his proposal. The idea was foreign to me but sounded well-worth the 7 hour flight to Florida from San Francisco, where I lived at the time. At the beach we grew up on, in front of all her friends and family, I watched my friend teeter between tears and smiles and shortly after, I found myself doing the same. It was the most beautiful moment I’ve ever been lucky enough to be a part of. 

When I got back to San Francisco, I got the same question over and over, and continued to tell the heartwarming story of “how he asked” to people who didn’t even know this friend of mine. In discovering how amazing these experiences are to share, I started the site as a very fun side project. Two and half years later, my full-time job has become blogging the best moment of many peoples’ lives.

TBL: What are you looking for when you review submissions on Two Bright Lights? 

ST: It’s pretty simple: proposals! Not engagement shoots, the actual proposal. 

Photographers are contacted more and more for proposal shoots (we’d like to take credit for at least some of that!) and we love to publish those surprised looks. We’re mainly looking for great one-knee shots and teary-eyed photos that come along with every “Yes!”.

TBL: What makes for a great submission? 

ST: Great submissions have plenty of reaction shots, a close up of the engagement ring (and details about the ring if possible), and the written story of “how we met” and “how he asked” as told by the bride and/or groom. This last part is crucial as every story needs to have a first person account of what happened in order to be published. Oh, and horizontal photos are preferred!

Surprise waterside proposal with man on bended knee by Valerie & Co. Photographers
Photography by: Valerie & Co. Photographers

TBL: Any top tips for how to get published on HowHeAsked? 

ST: Make sure your submission is complete with an Album Story that includes the details I referred to previously (you can email Emily@HowHeAsked.com if you have any questions). We love seeing tears, shocked faces and excited fiancées. Special details of the proposal, like handwritten notes or candlelit tables, are also beautiful to capture.

TBL: What submission requirements should photographers keep in mind? 

ST: Again, please send us only your proposal shoots! While engagement portraiture is beautiful as well, we only feature proposal photography on HowHeAsked.

TBL: What are some of your favorite proposal trends? What do you particularly love about proposals? 

ST: First and foremost, as most of you probably agree, we love how much effort men are putting into capturing the proposal. Professional photographers are being hired to shoot the proposal from afar, and are even playing a part in the surprise. We’ve seen men surprise their fiancées right after the special moment by pointing to a photographer. The very new bride-to-be loves finding that out! Another trend we’ve noticed diverts from the big, public proposals from years past. While we’re still seeing elaborate proposals that require more effort than you could imagine, they’re now between the couple only – rather than with a mass of strangers on the street. Friends and family still sometimes take part, but again, these proposals a lot more intimate than the Times Square ones (not that these are anything short of surprising!).

TBL: Anything else you’d like to share?

ST: We have absolutely loved getting to know photographers through Two Bright Lights. We’ve received tons of emails thanking us for publishing their work but the truth is, all the thanks goes to you guys. We go nuts over every proposal submitted and are excited to be able to share such life-changing moments. We also have been pleasantly surprised by the number of new clients we’ve sent photographers. Men come to the site looking for inspiration, and they find photographers via our vendor guide or from published proposals in their area. Having the TBL network of photographers has allowed us to connect men with even more amazing photographers so we can further our belief that a proposal photo is the best kind there is!

Surprise proposal in Millenium Park by Peter Gubernat
Photography by: Peter Gubernat


Photo of Stacy Tasman courtesy of Beth Babicz Photography

Photo courtesy of Valerie & Co Photographers as featured on HowHeAsked via Two Bright Lights

Photo courtesy of Peter Gubernat as featured on HowHeAsked via Two Bright Lights

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