Editorial Interview: Preeti Moberg of The Big Fat Indian Wedding

logo-orange Exciting news! The Big Fat Indian Wedding will be doing a series of features on destination weddings (held outside of the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom) in December. Submit to this fabulous resource for South Asian couples via Two Bright Lights by November 30th for the opportunity to have your work published. We spoke to co-founder and CEO Preeti Moberg for the scoop on the types of submissions she and her team love to feature.

South Asian bride and groom in front of brown wood doors by Candace Jeffrey Photography
Photography by: Candace Jeffery Photography

Two Bright Lights: What are you looking for when you review wedding submissions on Two Bright Lights?

Preeti Moberg: We are looking for a variety of detail photos, classic wedding photos and something unusual, the “je ne sais quoi”.

TBL: What makes for a stand out submission that will catch your attention?  

PM: Good lighting and clear shots are an absolute must. We see a variety of styles (luxury, opulent, DIY, rustic, classic), religions (Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian) and genders, and we love them all. As for our readers, they adore photos of the bride in her outfits (complete outfit and details) along with her mehndi, jewelry and flowers– those are important shots to include with your submission.

TBL: What style of photography do you typically prefer?

PMWe want natural and vibrant photos that follow the timeline of the wedding and the events surrounding it. We don’t want too many posed shots, or those that are heavily color edited. As a photographer myself, I pay special attention to not just the composition and lighting, but the creativity of the photos.

TBL: What are your top tips for getting published by The Big Fat Indian Wedding?

PMPlease write a Message or include an Album Story with your submission. It totally bums us out when there is no information about the wedding or couple. Because of the number of submissions we receive, photographers that don’t include this will be last in queueing (if they are accepted). Adding vendors to your album or including a vendor list is a big perk, too. Including this information saves everyone time!

TBL: What submission requirements should photographers keep in mind?

PM: We need the photographer to be *absolutely* certain they can publicly share the wedding. Some families find it inappropriate to publish photos of the bride on the internet and we want to respect their wishes. Also, do make sure you can get in touch with the bride/groom to send them a questionnaire. One of the hallmarks of our wedding features is being able to ‘interview’ the couple through a series of questions in a Google document. We ask about their style preferences, inspiration, the hardest part of planning, advice for future couples, etc. There is nothing more fun than reading about the story behind the photos! Last, please include high resolution photos, photos under 800 pixels wide can cause an entire submission to be delayed or rejected. That is the minimum we can accept (upsizing photos is awful), though 1500 pixels wide for images is ideal. (Note: Two Bright Lights recommends uploading photos no less than 2000 pixels wide).

TBL: What are some of your favorite destination spots for weddings? 

PMOh goodness, that is tough! Hawaii is a favorite; there’s everything from the beach to the mountains to the forest. The Maldives and Mauritius are classic destination spots for South Asian weddings. Personally, I would love to get married in Jaipur, India. (Okay, I’m already married, but we can have another one, yes?) Jaipur is the epicenter of royal beauty, with centuries-old architecture.

TBL: Anything else you’d like to share?

PMWe love Two Bright Lights because it has helped us reached many more photographers than we could have done on our own! There are so many different styles of South Asian weddings, and with TBL’s platform, photographers are able to find us and submit these weddings. We’re looking forward to a fantastic end of the year and even more gorgeous weddings in 2015.

Destination Weddings Submission Deadline for The Big Fat Indian Wedding: November 30th, 2014

Photo courtesy of Candace Jeffery Photography, featured on The Big Fat Indian Wedding

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