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The recipients of Editors’ Choice 2015 will be revealed next week! Do you think the number of times you were published in 2014 places you in the top 5% among your fellow Two Bright Lights community members? Keep an eye on your inbox to find out! In the mean time, meet Black & Hue Photography, a lively trio of artists who incorporates fun and flair into all that they do.

Kelly and Bryan Honart by Red Fly Studios

Bryan & Kelly Honart

Steven Kopacz by Tom Falcone

Steven Kopacz

In the world of wedding photography, Black & Hue Photography is brand new to the scene.  They’ve quickly gone from shooting just 5 weddings in 2012 to becoming an international presence in the industry in 2014. Two-thirds of this team is composed of former professional internationally-touring musicians, and they bring that character and edge to turn every wedding into a party. Sure, they’ve heard the wobble a thousand times… but that won’t stop them from dancing. Trying to do something a little different than the norm, you’ll find their camera bags full of just as many smoke bombs and broken pieces of glass as there are lenses. Black & Hue Photography couldn’t be more stoked for the future, because they have the best jobs in the world.

What about your work inspires you?

“The realization that we’re taking photos that will outlive us hits us pretty hard. We also take a lot of inspiration from looking back on our work from a few years ago and how much we’ve improved. Not that we’re anything phenomenal yet, but we’re always working hard at educating ourselves and improving. Black & Hue photographer Bryan learned on an old film Pentax back in 2001 developing his work in a darkroom, but the majority of what we have learned was self-taught, as well as education from the web.”

What is one unexpected thing you’ve learned since you began working as a photographer?

“One thing that’s surprised me is how much you’ll improve by just shooting as much as you can. Get off the couch and shoot even if you’re not getting paid for it.”

Bryan’s Top Pro Tips

  1. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. I don’t want to look back years later on my work and say, “Why the heck was there a random velvet couch in a field?”
  2. Our team often asks photographers who we look up to to tell us what we’re doing wrong. Our team thrives on criticism to help us fix what’s broken.
  3. At weddings, it’s good to know when to put the camera down and give people a break.

Bryan’s Two Bright Lights Experience

“I’m always shocked when I get that email that says we’re getting published. It’s been huge for our business because we now have brides contacting us from all over, rather than just our tiny little town. Two Bright Lights is perfect for us because we just don’t have the time to seek out publications on our own. They’ve streamlined the process so that you can spend more time on your craft.”

Black & Hue Photography

Remember this totally rockin’ estate wedding? We’re so pleased we get to share it all over again! Ben Bruce, founding member of the band Asking Alexandria, wed Samantha at the majestic Biltmore Estate, built by George Vanderbilt in Asheville, North Carolina. Black & Hue Photography captured the energetic, alternative vibe of the day in a way true to the couple’s distinctive style.

Bride wearing black veil by Black & Hue Photography
Photography by: Black & Hue Photography
Rocker wedding at Biltmore Estate by Black & Hue Photography
Photography by: by Black & Hue Photography
Rocker couple embraces in magical light by Black & Hue Photography
Photography by: Black & Hue Photography

The photographers behind Black & Hue Photography are a versatile group of artists, capable of shooting editorial-esque portraits as well. An engagement session at Wakulla Springs State Park was just the right opportunity for them to show off these skills. The muted color palette lends itself wonderfully to the photos, creating a seriously romantic tone.

Couple kisses for engagement portrait by Black & Hue Photography
Photography by: Black & Hue Photography
Blond girl in denim shirt holds lavender by Black & Hue Photography
Photography by: Black & Hue Photography
Couple sits on weathered steps by Black & Hue Photography
Photography by: Black & Hue Photography
Girl wearing tall rain boots and lace skirt by Black & Hue Photography
Photography by: Black & Hue Photography

Black & Hue Photography logo



Portrait of Bryan & Kelly: Red Fly Studio

Portrait of Steven: Tom Falcone

Ben & Samantha’s wedding: Makeup Artist: Blush Asheville //Reception Venue: The Biltmore Estate//Event Planner: Weddings with Tara

August & Mary’s engagement: Venue: Wakulla Springs State Park and Lodge


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