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Interested in getting published in blogs and magazines all over the world? Of course you are! Let Two Bright Lights help by connecting you with the hundreds of editors who are sourcing their content through our platform. As you begin the submission journey, we’ve compiled a guide to make getting published a breeze. Check it out below! 

General Guidelines

As a general rule, submissions to any publication should include the following:

  • High resolution, non-watermarked images – With Two Bright Lights, editors are required to give credit in all features
  • A size minimum of 2000 pixels wide: Some editors request other sizes, but 2000 pixels ensures that the images are large enough for the editor to size down to what they need
  • A minimum of 100 pictures for wedding submissions (and at least 75 for portrait and lifestyle submissions)
  • A completed album story that includes relevant details about the event, subjects and/or location
  • Carefully curated and varied images – Enough that editors can get a sense of the style, character, and perspective of the shoot
  • Less edited images are better – It ensures that the style is applicable to any publication
  • A focus on the unique details – Readers love details!
  • Tagging of all vendors – We want everyone to receive credit and spread the good news when you are published!

Specific Shoot Guidelines

A newborn shoot and an engagement shoot are quite different (and therefore require different types of images). Here, we breakdown the specific guidelines for each category in Two Bright Lights.


  • A section of the album story dedicated to how the couple met as well as other details (think: why they chose the venue, how she picked her dress, etc.)
  • Detailed shots that highlight what makes this wedding unique – Did the bride wear a pink dress? Was the couple’s dog the ring bearer? Think of what details will inspire readers and go from there
  • A variety of shots – While the couple on their big day is main attraction, readers also want to see other facets (the venue, her dress, the decor, etc.). Avoid including too many pictures of wedding guests as it can detract from other, more detailed elements


  • A section of the album story dedicated to how the couple met, as well as…
  • Natural and flattering poses that express the couple’s love for one another
  • Think out of the box for engagement shoots – You want your images to stand out, so submit ones that include unique, inspiring settings or that feature creative details

Styled Shoots

  • The inspiration behind the shoot – Why is this shoot special and what did you want to accomplish in creating it?
  • A variety of shots – The more detail and variety you offer to the editor, the more likely they are to select your submission
  • Be daring! Use the props to pique the editor’s interest and take the shoot to the next level


  • Shots of a distinctive, personalized nursery or setting
  • Images of mom, dad and siblings
  • Natural, flattering poses that reflect the beauty of a growing family

Portraits (Family, Seniors, Maternity)

  • Creativity – Whether it’s an unusual setting, stylish outfits, or a themed session – use your imagination!
  • Natural, flattering positions that reflect the the subject’s personality
  • A section of the album story dedicated to the subject and why this shoot is important to them

We hope this helps to answer some of your questions about what to include in your submissions. As always, feel free to reach out with additional questions here. We look forward to seeing your beautiful work!


Photo by Dana Cubbage Weddings

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