6 Publisher Best Practices to Guarantee Top Notch Photo Submissions

Gorgeous, green farm hosts a styled shoot with a bohemian bride and her horse, Captured by Adria Lea Photography

It’s awesome to get submissions from eager photographers and vendors. But getting amazing, perfectly tailored submissions you’d be excited to feature is even better!

So how do you make sure you are receiving the top notch submissions? How do you make sure to maintain a great reputation among submitters? Start with these 6 Publisher Best Practices and you’ll be ahead of the game.


1. Respond Promptly!

We know life and work can get hectic, but keep your response time as short as possible. The number #1 complaint we receive at Two Bright Lights is that publishers take too long to review submissions. Give yourself a goal of a 14-day turnaround to review submissions in your queue, and be accurate with your promised turn around on your editor profile page.


2. Mark As Published ASAP

Make sure to move the albums you publish to the published state as soon as it is published. The photographer and vendors are notified when it’s published (which they are dying to hear), and it amplifies your publication’s reach when they share the good news on social media. And don’t forget the added bonus that all published features are showcased on the Two Bright Lights Live Feed.


3. Keep your publication dates current

If your editorial calendar changes, make sure you update the expected publication date as soon as possible. You can do this by reviewing your Two Bright Lights Calendar or going directly to your submissions page. The submitter will automatically be sent an email notifying them of the change. That way you’ll keep all interested parties informed of the change, and you’ll get fewer email questions to deal with.


4. Update your Profile Page

We are constantly reinforcing with our submitters that it is important it is to do research on the publications they are submitting to. So make sure your profile page has all the information that you want submitters to know before they submit! It is a great place to tell them about your style, what you’re looking for and any editorial requirements you may have.


5. Create submission requests

Looking for more targeted submissions? Creating a submission request is your answer. The Requests tab is a live streaming list of specific editor requests and deadlines, which submitters can check on a daily basis. Adding your blog or magazine to the list to be seen by hundreds of eager eyes makes sourcing submissions even easier.


6. Always Give Credit

From the blog post to the pinterest board, always give credit where credit is due! Submitters worked hard to create those beautiful images and we want everyone to benefit from the success of the feature. The more vendors you credit, the more people to crow over their success and share your feature, and the more places the feature can be seen. It’s a win-win!


Image courtesy of Adria Lea Photography.

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