Two Bright Lights Webinar Featuring Randy + Ashley

The fabulous wedding photography duo, Randy + Ashley, are pros at getting their work published. And like many small business owners, they work hard to grow their business leads…and are super psyched when they find ways to save time or money!

Randy + Ashley have figured out some smart strategies to get their names out there, and they’re excited to share their tips and tricks with you. During this one hour webinar, hear straight from the source about how getting published can increase your brand awareness and grow your business. Click the video link below to begin!


Check out This Sneak Peak…

Why do you want to be published? How has getting published helped your business?

“One of the biggest reasons why we love getting published is the “trust factor” that our features create within the wedding industry. When couples planning their event see that you have been featured in publications, they begin to trust your work, and are more likely to become future clients. It’s as if those publications are unofficially vouching for your work which increases your credibility and likelihood of booking new clients. Getting published also helps us build a trust factor with other wedding professionals…or “friendors” as we like to call them! When a vendor sees that you have gotten their work published on a blog, it boosts their appreciation for and trust in you. This boost in trust can lead to business referrals and, in turn, new clients. Getting published is a pivotal piece in building relationships with other wedding professionals and attracting potential clients.

Publication features also create SEO and numerous backlinks to your website. Each time your work is featured on a blog or publication, your brand awareness is increased and links from those sites will drive more traffic to your website and social pages.”

What is one unexpected thing you learned since getting published?

“How easy it is to get published! We recommend that you research publications ahead of time to determine the style of work that they are looking for. If you can target your submissions to match their publication style, then your work will have a much higher likelihood of getting featured. If you submit to blogs that don’t match your style then you’ll only be wasting your time and the editors. The key is to determine your photography style and submit to publications that match your work.

We’ll talk about this in more detail later on during the discussion but I also want to stress that working Two Bright Lights into your own workflow will go a long way. Before Randy and I mark a wedding as finished, we submit that album through TBL as the last step. By building this extra step into our schedules, we made our workflow more organized and we’ve had a greater success rate as well.”

Interested in hearing more from Randy + Ashley? Watch the webinar to learn how Two Bright Lights and getting published can work for your business.

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Only 40% of wedding professionals get published – join them in becoming a submissions rockstar! Two Bright Lightsmakes it fast and easy to get published and costs less than $15/month. In just three quick steps, you can submit your workto more than 400 magazines, blogs and websites, including The Knot, POPSUGAR, Brit + Co, MunaLuchi Bride, Every Last Detail and more. So what are you waiting for? Sign-up today at

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