8 Tasks to Tackle During Your December Downtime

8 Tasks to Tackle During Your December Downtime

We love this time of year… People are happy and filled with holiday cheer, we spend quality time with friends and family, and of course we consume more goodies than we can count! But more importantly, we get to take a step back, catch our breath, reflect on everything we took part in this year, and set goals for the upcoming year. If one of your goals for 2017 is to increase the number of times you get published, or to get published for the first time, we’ve put together 8 tasks to tackle during your December downtime!

1. Choose your favorite events/shoots

Taking the time to reflect on everything you did in 2016 can be so rewarding – You achieved all that?! Wow! It also allows you to determine which events represent your brand best and should be submitted for publication. And most couples love to be featured, just be sure to gain approval from your clients before submitting.

2. Research publications

If you are determined to be a publishing success story, you need to do your research. Devote time, whether it’s an hour here and there or a couple of afternoons in one week, to start looking at every publication on Two Bright Lights. Then take notes!

3. Check out social media

Take a look at the social profiles of the publications that you highlighted during your preliminary research. This will allow you to get a great overview of the types of content they like to feature so that you can make sure to include those images in your own submissions.

4. Create a target publication list

You’ve already done your research on what certain publications are looking to feature. So use this information to your advantage and put together a list of all the places you want to be featured! Make sure to split this into two different categories; Easy wins (publications that your existing content matches perfectly) and stretch goals (publications that you REALLY want to be featured in but may need to work towards by adding certain shots or details to your portfolio).

5. Photographers: Assemble your detail styling kit

With details shots being such an integral part of every submission, you don’t want to be caught without all the pieces you need to make them a reality. It can be something as simple as assorted ribbons, tulle, ring boxes, and of course a blank surface to shoot on such as white foam-core. It’s up to you how many pieces you want to include, but creating this kit ahead of time can really save you time and stress in the long run!

6. Talk to your “Friendors”

Touching base with all the creatives you worked with over the past year gives you the opportunity to hear about all the new projects they are working on (hello referrals!) and keep them in the loop on what you are planning to submit for publication. Not the photographer? No problem! You don’t have to depend on the photographer to create a submission. Two Bright Lights has a built in permissioning system to get the photographer’s approval, and you do the rest!

7. Brag about your past features

Publishers love the support and social love at anytime, so even if you’ve shared it before it’s worth doing again – We call it evergreen content! And 86% of editors are more likely to publish a creative again if they used social media channels to promote a previous feature. Don’t forget to tag your fellow “Friendors,” the bride and groom or party planner so their friends and family can see the publication feature too! We call this the “network effect” of getting published – and it starts with you!

8. Submit!

You now have all the necessary pieces to make 2017 a HUGE success, so get to it! Submit your favorite events to the publications on your target list and hit the ground running… cue the happy dance in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Only 40% of wedding professionals get published – join them in becoming a submissions rockstar! Two Bright Lights makes it fast and easy to get published and costs less than $15/month. In just three quick steps, you can submit your work to more than 400 magazines, blogs and websites, including The Knot, POPSUGAR, Brit + Co, MunaLuchi Bride, Every Last Detail and more. So what are you waiting for? Sign-up today at twobrightlights.com


Image courtesy of Andie Freeman Photography and originally featured in Wedding Colors.

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