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Publication Profile Tips Featuring an Image From Dawn Kelly Photography

We are constantly reinforcing with our submitters the importance of doing their research on the publications they are submitting to – They know that your social channels, profile page, and website are all key resources. With that in mind, your Two Bright Lights publication profile page should have all the information that submitters need to know before they submit! It is a great place to tell them about your style, what you’re looking for and any editorial requirements you may have. These tips will get on you the path to receiving the targeted submissions you want!

Your Bio

This is an easy one – Have an about us section on your website that talks about you, your publication and what types of content you feature? Great! Copy and paste it in here and you’ll be good to go. It’s many times the first thing submitters look at on your publication profile page, so make sure it include it!

Publication Frequency & Number of Features Per Year

Sharing this info with submitters will give them an idea of how many submissions you accept, so it’s really helpful!

Response Time

This is one of the first places submitters look on your publication profile page, so be honest! The only way you can manage expectations for your submission review process is to be clear about how long it takes for you to make a decision. Aim to accept or reject a submission within two to three weeks of receiving the submission. But if you find yourself slipping to longer review times, make sure you update your profile to reflect that until you work through your backlog. In the end this will help you as it will also limit the number of emails you receive from submitters touching base regarding the status of their submission.

Publication Time

What is the typical time period from a submission’s acceptance to publication?

What You are Looking for & Editorial Style

We all know that there are many different types of features and photography, so here is your chance to state exactly what you’re looking for. What types of work do you feature? Do all of your features have a certain theme or trend? Is there a certain part of the wedding/party/shoot that you always want to highlight in your feature? The more info you give, the better your submissions with be.

Submission Requirements

Is there a shot that has to be included in all of the submissions you accept? Do you require a certain number of images for a submission to be acceptable? Are there a number of detail shots that you would really love to see in a submission? Then this is a great place to let submitters know about that… After all, how will know if you don’t tell them?

And now the fun part… Your Portfolio

Do you have images that you have featured in the past that truly represent the types of submissions you want to review and accept? Of course you do! Sharing them on your profile page gives potential submitters a clear view of what you’re looking for. We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words… so use it to your advantage!


Image Courtesy of Dawn Kelly Photography

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