5 Ways for Creatives to Increase Inquiry Email Response Rates

February 22, 2017

You just received a notification about a new lead - YAY! So of course, you send off an email to that potential client as quickly as possible… and then you wait. When there’s no phone call or email response you can’t help but wonder, what did I do wrong? What made them change their mind?

Responding with just a blanket message isn’t enough. Here are 5 techniques you can use to increase your inquiry email response rates.

Use an eye-catching subject line
Picture this, you’re looking to book an amazing photographer or planner for your big day. You’re doing lots of research, talking to friends, and filling out multiple ‘Contact Us’ forms. What results is various wedding related messages filling up your inbox and having to choose where to start. Using a subject that is eye catching will put your email ahead of the rest and boost your open rates. And be sure to include something like their name or a question to make your email subject line stand out even more.


Kristine Herman Photography_Increase Your Email Response Rate Kristine Herman Photography


Get personal
There’s nothing like chatting with someone who is genuinely interested in hearing more about you. So why should that be any different when it comes to emailing your leads. Take this opportunity to find out more about your potential clients and ask them questions about their likes, dislikes and about the event or shoot they are looking to plan. Is the inquiry pertaining to a wedding? I’ve never met a couple that didn’t light up when I asked them to share their love story with me, so go ahead and ask! You're almost guaranteed an email response.

Let them get to know you
It's very likely that your potential clients found you online or through a referral, so they already know a little bit about you. But now is the time to give them even more info about what you do and how you do it. An easy and non-overwhelming way to accomplish this is to include links to your social media pages so they can see examples of your work. Have you been published? Don’t forget to include a link or two of your published work, as well. It serves as an unbiased reference for your work!

Give them the ability to schedule a time to talk to you
The back and forth to find a time to chat can be beyond frustrating. Let’s face it, you’re busy, they’re busy, and navigating both schedules can be a challenge. So I want to let you in on a little secret that has changed my life (no really, it has!). There is an amazing tool called Calendly and not only does it let people schedule times on my calendar, but it also creates meeting invites, integrates with many calendars (including Google and iCloud) and is mobile friendly. Seriously, friends, it’s a game-changer!

Calendly_blog post

Make it short & to the point
This one’s a bit more obvious, but is just as important - brevity is key! Know what you need to say, and say it. There’s nothing worse than reading an email and realizing you’re already 3 paragraphs in and you still aren’t sure what the sender is trying to tell you. Include the most important info first (like your Calendly link!) and then provide them with more info in the latter paragraphs. If they’re interested in hearing more right now, they’ll continue reading. If not, you’ve already given them the most important info they’ll need and your results won’t suffer if they don’t keep reading.

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