5 Ways to Grow Your Business With a Visibility Strategy (and four key tools for implementing it)

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We’ve all heard the myriad of stats about how fast businesses fail, but what about the stats on how they succeed? Growing a business is all about making decisions that net out to be forward movement for your goals and projects.

Enter the visibility strategy. This is a set of plans and goals that you lay out with the desired end result being increased visibility and awareness for your business. That visibility and awareness can then be leveraged into new clients, speaking engagements, or other opportunities based on your long term business goals.

Dannie Lynn Fountain San Fran Travel photo

Here are five of the many ways you can grow your business by building a visibility strategy.

  1. ONLINE VISIBILITY: This is a big bucket for many of the different online opportunities out there for growing your visibility. Think blog posts (like this one!), podcasts, e-magazine interviews, joint webinars, attending Flock Parties, etc.
  2. IN PERSON VISIBILITY: This is a big bucket for offline opportunities for growing your visibility. This can include attending (or speaking at) conferences, networking with other creative entrepreneurs, etc.
  3. COLLABORATIONS: Sometimes, launching a project with a fellow entrepreneur can increase your visibility in ways you hadn’t imagined. I’ve launched two collaborations so far and have four more coming out over the next 18 months and they’ve truly been some of my biggest business builders. These collaborations often started from Instagram friendships or from a simple coffee chat – don’t be afraid to reach out and connect with folks.
  4. MEDIA OPPORTUNITIES: Check out opportunities to get involved with local media outlets. Many do local small business segments or community segments that would be a perfect fit as you share your story and how it touches your community.
  5. RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: As crazy as it seems, every client that doesn’t book you is still a connection you want to nurture. Some of my biggest business opportunities have come from clients I didn’t book because we continued to nurture that relationship and stay connected to one another. Don’t be afraid to share your knowledge wildly.

Dannie Lynn Fountain San Fran Travel photo

How do you chase after these opportunities? It’s a lot easier than it seems!

  1. Start a master spreadsheet of all the opportunities you’d like to go after. Some things to include: recurring deadlines (like the annual speaker application or monthly guest blog application), potential crossover topics, points of contact, important dates, important locations.
  2. Have a media kit or speaker kit of past press, guest blogs, speaking engagements, etc on hand. Some conference organizers or potential press contacts will ask for this material and it’s easier to have it on hand than to hunt for it day of.
  3. Subscribe to Help A Reporter Out (and check out this blog post on how to maximize your HARO use) for non-creative media hits that can help you build your business and online presence.
  4. Consider a Two Bright Lights membership for creative (think weddings, engagements and lifestyle) publication opportunities to grow your business through publications like How He Asked, Strictly Weddings and POPSUGAR.

Building out a visibility strategy takes a bit of foresight, but once you’ve gotten clear on your goals and understand where you want to end up, it’s fairly easy to start building out a plan.

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Dannie Lynn Fountain is a marketing and business strategist for creative entrepreneurs. Earning her business acumen working in marketing for brands such as Whirlpool and H&R Block, she has a combined 9 years experience as an entrepreneur and strategist. She works with entrepreneurs and corporate clients alike to brainstorm, strategize, and implement strategic plans and processes to better their business and increase their sales. Beyond strategy, Dannie is the author of three books on entrepreneurship, a regular speaker on strategy worldwide, and a digital nomad. Her work has been submitted to and recognized by Cannes Lions, the Effies, and more.


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