How to Brag About Your Published Features

June 08, 2017

It’s official, you’ve been published. Congratulations! Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, it’s always exciting and worth celebrating. You know you want to show off your amazing successes because it’s a great way to reach existing and prospective clients. But how? Here is the right way to brag about your published features to your friendors, existing and prospective clients.

1. Email your clients to let them know their feature is live

Remember how excited you were to receive the “you’ve been published” email in your inbox? Your featured clients will be just as excited to know that their shoot was picked up by an editor. And guess what? Your clients are going to want to share their feature with all their family, friends, and “Facebook friends.” Suddenly your work is appearing in front of so many prospective clients and that’s marketing that didn’t cost you a dime!


How to brag about your published features with photography by Randy + Ashley Studios              Photography by Randy + Ashley Studios


2. Contact all the vendors you worked with on the event/shoot

Sharing the amazing news with all the vendors is just as important as letting your clients know they have been featured. The vendors you worked with made it possible for you to submit these amazing images for publication in the first place! And make sure you give them all the info they need to celebrate their success.

3. Share the heck out of it on social media

This is a no-brainer - You put together an amazing submission that was selected for publication, so of course, you should tell the world. When you post it, be sure to tag all the vendors you worked with, the couple, the couple’s family and/or wedding party and the publication. Your work and business name will once again be showing up in the feeds to so many prospective clients. It’s a win-win!

4. Add the badge to your website

Do you have a “published” or “as seen in” section on your website? No? Well, you should! This is a great place to share all your published work. Once you’ve been published, most publications give you a badge that says you were featured by them. And since you were published through Two Bright Lights, you can download all available badges directly in My Account.

5. Blog about it
Because why not? Let’s face it, we’re all stressed with the amount of content we need to produce for our blogs… that dreaded I haven’t published since when feeling. (Cringe!) Plus, this is a great way to reach your followers that may have missed your social shares and to show even more love to your amazing clients.

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