New: Introducing the Publication Matching Tool

June 26, 2017

We get it; so many blogs, so little time for research. With hundreds of blogs to choose from, how do you which publication is the right fit for your work? That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of the  Publication Matching Tool!

Here’s the lowdown on all things matching:

WHO is the Publication Matching Tool for?
  • It’s for photographers and vendors. With already so many things on your to do list, it’s hard to know about all of the amazing publications  on Two Bright Lights So we’ve done the grunt work for you! The Matching Tool’s algorithm keeps your album’s tags in mind as it searches for publications that are the best fit. This will decrease your research time, and significantly decrease any stylistic uncertainty you may have when submitting.
  • It’s for blogs, magazines and websites. With our matching algorithm, our editors will receive more qualified submissions that match their vision or aesthetic.
WHAT does the Publication Matching Tool do?
  • The Publication Matching Tool gathers all of the information you input about your album tags and recommends the publications that would be the best possible fit.
  • Just think of it as the perfect online dating app. You input all of your favorite descriptive details about yourself, and our algorithm matches you with the perfect potential partners. Yes, we give you multiple choices because just like a dating app, it’s nice to see what options are available. But then, you go through your recommended matches, and choose your perfect partner/publication. Would you say it’s a match made in heaven? Nope, it’s just an album/submission match made by Two Bright Lights!

Two Bright Lights Publication Matching Tool

WHEN do you use the Matching Tool?
  • You can take advantage of the Publication Matching Tool when you’re in the last step of the submission process.
  • All you have to do is select the tags that match your album and the recommended publications will magically appear during the publication selection step of the submission process. Once you feel your album has enough details, images, and proper permissioning, it’s time to submit!
WHERE is it located in the submission process?
  • After you completed the album upload process, input all of the album details, and tagged the album with descriptors, you’ll be prompted to choose between non-exclusive publications and exclusive publications. Then depending on your choice, you’ll be directed to list of Publications that Match Your Album. Submissions made easy!
WHY should I use it?
  • Our Publication Matching Tool will shorten the amount of time you spend looking for the perfect fit publication. It will also help you find and discover blogs you may not have considered before. Win-win? We think so :)

Photo by Kaboompics

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