4 Ways Getting Published in Regional Publications Boosts Your Business

August 22, 2017

You probably often think, “go big or go home,” when submitting an album to be published (“big” being national publications). Sure, getting published in a national publication has been your go-to goal since you started in the biz! But if you’re someone who views getting published as a form of marketing, then we recommend you, “go home,” aka submit to local publications!

Here are 4 business boosting benefits of getting published in regional publications:

1. Gain Local Proof

Think of regional publications as one step up from word-of-mouth; they’re well acquainted with your region and its industries, and therefore, considered trusted local experts. Regional exposure lends legitimacy and credibility to your work, and the work of all of the professionals involved, in your home market. By having your work published locally, you’re getting the official stamp of approval from an influential media source in a niche market.


Kaboompics, 4 Benefits of Getting Published in Regional Publications Photo by Kaboompics


2. Build Up Your Local Network

So you’ve just had an event of yours published in your city’s magazine. And listed right beside your company’s name are the names of the other vendors involved. Who do you think those vendors will recommend next time they need your type of product or service? YOU, because you got them published! By getting yourself and other pros local exposure, you’re establishing a network of reliable vendors who may offer referrals to potential clients and depend on each other for future events.

3. Introduce Yourself to Your Ideal Market

When you get published in a local publication, you’re receiving relevant exposure because you’re reaching clients in your own backyard. 70% of couples qualify their potential photographers by viewing their published work. Your work featured in a local blog or magazine helps you to reach prospective clients directly where they are looking!

4. Reach Potential Clients When They’re Ready to Book

And let’s be honest, isn’t that your main goal when it comes to marketing? Couples sift through national magazines when they’re looking for inspiration during the earliest stages of their planning. Once these couples are prepared to start checking things off their event to-do list, they turn to regional publications for vendor recommendations. Ultimately, your featured work will reach potential clients during the decision-making process, when their intent to book is strong.


Kaboompics, 4 Benefits of Getting Published in Regional Publications Photo by Kaboompics


That national or nothing goal should be balanced with the steps needed to grow your brand and pool of potential clients. Getting published locally is the greatest (and easiest) way to gain exposure from clients in your ideal market when they’re ready to book. Booking future clients and getting published all at the same time...now that’s multitasking at its finest!

We’ve got one last local tip: when you do get published, capitalize on the moment! Express your excitement by posting the feature on social media. Don’t forget to include as many local and regional hashtags as possible. Also, encourage your fellow vendors to share the good news as well- it’s free marketing for all professionals involved!

Happy publishing!

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