4 Easy Publication Matching Tool Tips to Find Submission Success

August 02, 2017

Have you heard about our NEW Publication Matching Tool? It gathers all of the information you input about your album and recommends the publications that would be the best possible fit. Ultimately, it will shorten the amount of time you spend looking for the perfect publication and will help you discover publications you may not have considered before!

Pssst, we want to let you in on the secret: There are a few ways to make your Publication Matching Tool experience even more streamlined! Exciting, right? Here are 4 things you should do to make the most of the Publication Matching Tool.

1. Select the right album tags

Tagging is a crucial step of the album creation process. Not only does it allow you to easily record key details about the event, but it also makes you think how an album should be characterized for a publication. Taking the time to pick out these key identifiers will help our system match your album to the perfect blog, magazine or website.

We recommend tagging your album with at least 4 tags: color palette, setting, style, and season. Don’t forget, you can include multiple tags in all of these categories so feel free to choose a few that best describe your album. A “boho” “same-sex” wedding at a “restaurant” that’s also a “loft”, featuring “ivory”, “black” and “gold” in the “fall” would be a well rounded set of album tags. Including additional tags like ethnicity, religion, and holiday are always a bonus; Publications who celebrate these features at an event will be pleased to find you’ve included them in your album tags when searching through submissions.


Publication matching tool tips Photo from Kaboompics.


2. Decide between exclusive or non-exclusive

At the beginning of the publication selection process, you will be prompted to choose between exclusive and non-exclusive publication options. In order to view your matching results, you have to choose between submitting to an exclusive or non-exclusive media source.

If you haven’t been published before, it’s nice to get your feet wet in the publishing world by starting off with a few non-exclusive submissions. You’ll have a slightly higher chance of being published as you can submit to 5 publications at the same time. Non-exclusive publications are fine with featuring that will be or has been featured elsewhere.

3. Use the filter menu to narrow down your options

Once our algorithm has delivered a set of “Publications that Match Your Album”, you can get even more specific with your matched publication results. Using the filters on the left-hand side of the page is a great way to further narrow down choices and find the best options.

Choose between “Print” and “Web”. Next up, decide if you want to view “Only Show Publications with Request”. For example, your album isn’t just a wedding shoot, it’s a Trash the Dress bonanza! You can help our system to recognize that by choosing “Wedding” and then “Trash the Dress”. Put all of these factors together you’ll be left with a few perfect fits for your album!

4. Research publications before accepting and submitting

Do a deep dive search into the publications you’ve been matched with to better understand the kinds of features they publish and their overall aesthetic. With this information can you take a guess as to whether or not your album is a perfect fit, and has a good chance of being chosen. One super easy way of scoping out the media is to look at the publication on Instagram!

Now that you know exactly how to use the Publication Matching Tool, it’s time to give it a go. Ready? Join Two Bright Lights or upgrade your account today to access hundreds of publications in one place!

Photos courtesy of Kaboompics.

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