On The Road: Creative at Heart Conference Raleigh

August 16, 2017

Hi Friends! Last week Tessa and I had the opportunity to spend time with 130 female creatives (and a couple of men, too) at the Creative at Heart Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. And let me tell you, it hit home on so many levels. We spent 4 days hearing creatives share the passions of their hearts and their struggles. This is the place where real progress is made and relationships are solidified. As we returned to NYC refreshed, inspired and just ready to take on the world.... I knew this was an experience that needed to be shared!


Creative at Heart Conference, Raleigh - Holly Felts Photography


So let me rewind a bit.... We were introduced to the lady behind it all, Kat Schmoyer (Owner & Lead Planner at Dear Sweetheart Events) in late 2016 when we sponsored the Creative at Heart Conference in Memphis, Tennessee. Immediately I knew that Kat had a heart for education and helping others. After all, she's the one who came up with the whole concept behind C@H and made it all happen. So when she reached out to us about sponsoring and speaking at Round 7, we jumped right on board!


Left: Image by Holly Felts Photography / Right: Tessa & Meghan fueling up for day 1 of CAH Raleigh!


Getting out on the road is always a great experience - It allows us to see old friends and new, help businesses start the journey to reach their marketing goals and to be inspired by others! And this trip to Creative at Heart Conference in Raleigh had all these things.


I loved having the opportunity to share something that weighs heavy on my heart with all the attendees - How to make your work work for you! We all know that to-do lists are never ending and there are never enough hours in the day. So when I have the chance to talk about the little tweaks that business owners can make in the ways that they share their work to really make it work while they sleep, I'm all about it!

We had the best time meeting TBL users and hearing their success stories. I have to say that I nearly did a happy dance (okay, so I might have actually done a little jig) when I heard that Julia Rose Photography joined TBL in July and has already been published 3 times! And chatting with Christa Rene Phototography was so fun! She's been part of the TBL family for about a year and has been published 16 times. She even wrote a blog post about her publishing goals and what has helped her find success in submissions. How cool is that?!


Photo by Holly Felts Photography

Meghan meeting Julia Rose Photography and Christa Rene Photography


And between all the learning, was a whole lot of fun. Between 6am barre classes with Shaunae Teske Photography and Cupcake decorating with Tayler & Katherine from Aisle Planner, we had a total blast!


Left: Meghan with Shauna Teske Photography / Right: Tessa, Meghan, and the ladies of Aisle Planner


But honestly, the best part about those 4 days in Raleigh was the sense of community! So many creatives are hustling in their business all by themselves, or with a tiny team. TBL included! (Did you know that there are only 4 of us on the TBL team?) To be able to come together with a group of women (and some men!) who believe that good things come to those who hustle and understand the importance of community and building each other up at the same time gives us a feeling like none other. And it felt like home!

A big thank you to all the speakers who shared their hearts and guidance!

Kat Schmoyer | Katelyn James |  Tiffany Tolliver | Shay Cochrane |Davey & Krista Jones Hope Taylor Myrna Daramy | Becky & Jesse Morquecho Kelly & Andra Shanna Skidmore | Ashlyn Carter Megan Martin Elle Danielle  | Lara Casey

And another big thanks to the breakout leaders, sponsors, and Friends who made it all possible!

Alex Estes | Randi Smith Caroline Bigmann Bonnie Bakhtiari | Lacoya Heggie Shay & Graham Cochrane | Jessica Rasdall | Abby Grace | Kelly & Andra | Davey & Krista Jones | Stephanie Thacker | Ashley & Tyler Herrington   | Dannie Fountain | Venue: Merrimon Wynne | Name Tags & Pop up Shop: Caitlin of Happy Tines | C@H Alumni T-Shirts: Jakprints | Ashlyn of Ashlyn Writes | Kinsey of She Creates Business, a Podcast for Wedding Pros | “How Brave Are You Willing To Be” Notebook – Rachel Allene | “Did We Just Become Best Friends” Greeting Card – Smitches | Furniture: Paisley & Jade | Photobooth: Emily of EmJo Studios  | Two Bright Lights | Aisle Planner | Conference Videographer: The Herrintons | Conference Photographer: Holly Felts

Until next time,

Manager of Two Bright Lights

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