How to Select a Great Educational Conference

August 30, 2017

Fall is here! (ALMOST!) Can you hear the crunchy leaves and taste the pumpkin-everything yet? This also means…education season is here for wedding professionals. There is no shortage of amazing conferences, workshops, and seminars to attend. But how do you know which one is best for you and your business? I want to help you out so I'm sharing three tips for selecting an AWESOME educational conference!

1.) Ask yourself: 'Where do I want to GROW this year?'
How will I grow - intellectually and/or creatively - by attending this conference?

  • Where am I most challenged in my business?
  • How can I sharpen your skill set?
  • What new areas are there for me to explore?

It’s easy to just go with the flow and follow the masses to a seminar. BUT – it’s important to stop and think: is this where I need to be right now?


selecting an educational conference Photo from Kaboompics.

2.) Research hard and be super selective
Do not follow the fluff. Make sure that you are going to walk away with tangible tools to use in your business. You should comb through the conference website, and look for:

  • What tools will I walk away with that I can use on my business?
  • Am I going to be given a step-by-step approach for this new skill I want to learn?
  • Will I be able to implement this when I get home?
  • Will the other people attending this conference give me ongoing support? (are they part of my tribe?)
  • Is the content solid?

3.) Be scrupulous with the organizers and presenters
In a nutshell: do these people know what they are talking about?

  • What are the backgrounds of the organizers and presenters?
  • Do the presenters have strengths in areas that you have as challenges?
  • What is the reputation of the organizers and presenters?
  • What experience do they have? (They may not need to have 10 years in the industry to have knowledge. BUT – they do need to have some solid experience – whether it's in the industry or outside the industry. AND – I’m a big fan of outside experience too!)

Attending a conference is a great way to expand your business, your ideas, your smarts. But, it’s also a big investment of your time and money. Do your homework ahead of time, and you’ll get returns that pay huge dividends.

About the Author
Michelle Loretta is a consultant for wedding and event professionals and founder of Sage Wedding Pros. If you’re looking for some solid wedding industry conferences, make sure to check out Be Sage Conference for a tribe of innovators who will life you up. Register here:



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