Use Wedding Season Momentum to Get Your Albums Published!

October 23, 2017

And just like that, there's a light at the end of the tunnel! Wedding season is beginning to slow down and you now have thousands of fresh images from the busy months. Right now, you're probably dreaming of that vacation you more than deserve… but wait! 

Before you hop on the next plane (or hop onto your couch), take the opportunity to get ahead of the game, and get submitting! By harnessing all of the energy you put into each of those events over your hectic summer months, you can increase your chances of getting published.

wedding season momentum

Here are 2 BIG reasons why keeping up the hard-working momentum of wedding season will help to get your albums published:

Building submissions into your workflow creates a productive habit

Editing photos, curating an album, and getting all of the album details is a lot of work. But because you’re a hustling wedding professional, hard work is practically your middle name. Only 1 or 2 days after the event, write the album story with a clear head and recent recollection of the day. Your memories of the event, the vendors involved, and any quirky things that happened will come a lot easier when you’re not trying to piece together the stories of all your weddings at one time. Publications prefer and tend to choose albums with well-rounded and detailed album stories.

Submitting during a slow time means your album has a better chance of being published

Publications receive % less submissions in September and October compared to the rest of the year. And yet, they are bombarded with submissions during the late fall. Use the ambiguous time right between wedding season and the holiday months to curate and upload your albums. By getting one step ahead of other industry members, your album has a better chance of being reviewed and published more quickly.

So you took our advice: all the weddings are done and all of the albums are submitted. PHEW! Now with the upcoming holidays, you can look forward to much needed downtime as you wait to hear back from publications.

For more on getting published, check out our 3 easy steps to getting your weddings published. With weddings and photo editing, submitting may seem like a daunting task. That’s why we have streamlined the submission process for you with our new matching tool... so that even in the thick of the busy autumn months, you have time to click and submit your images. Happy publishing!


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