Editor Spotlight: Raj of Secret Wedding Blog

November 02, 2017

Go ahead, admit it. We’ve thought it too. You’re scrolling through countless beautiful wedding blog posts, and you crave more variety!

That’s where Secret Wedding Blog comes in. Started by Raj in 2013 and inspired to start the blog because of her own multicultural, interfaith relationship - which only just recently turned into an engagement - Raj felt the same way and took action. 4 years later the blog features stunning cultural collabs such as “Chinese Vietnamese Wedding in Birmingham”, “A Scottish Ghanaian Wedding” and “A Japanese Indian Wedding in Toronto” along with refreshing educational pieces or heartwarming personal stories.

Two Bright Lights sat down with the lovely Raj to hear more about the world behind Secret Wedding Blog:


Raj Dharar of Secret Wedding Blog Raj, Founder of Secret Wedding Blog. Photo credit: Annabel Farley Photography

Tell us a little bit about your publication

Secret Wedding Blog is a multicultural, fusion and interfaith wedding blog. It focuses on sharing weddings combining two or more cultures or faiths into one wedding. Planning this type of wedding can be difficult so the aim is to inspire as many people planning these weddings and offer advice where needed.


This Indian- American fusion wedding was Raj’s favorite feature curated from TBL! Photo credit:  Genevieve Hansen


How did you get into publishing?
I started the blog in May 2013 where I would browse wedding blogs but found that none focused on combining two worlds together. I had a partner of a different faith and culture so would always wonder how we would combine these for our wedding in the future. Thus Secret Wedding Blog was born.



Photo credit:  Genevieve Hansen


What advice would you give to a new submitter?
Don't submit the wedding to a mass number of publications. Research what wedding is suitable for that blog and always leave a message.

What are some of your favorite current trends?
Modernisation of weddings, couples now planning weddings to suit them as opposed to sticking to strict traditions.

Be sure to submit your favorite multicultural and interfaith events to Secret Wedding Blog and don’t forget to follow Raj on Instagram: @secretweddingblog.

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