How-To Videos on the Two Bright Lights YouTube Channel

December 01, 2017

Whether you're brand new to TBL or you're a seasoned submissions pro, sometimes you just need sometime to know how to perform a certain task or a refresher on submission best practices. Well, we've got you covered! Our YouTube channel now has a series of Two Bright Lights how-to videos that take submitters and editors step-by-step through the submission steps and other aspects of the platform. These videos will help any TBL user understand and master the steps to upload, submit, or publish albums.

How-To Videos for Photographers and Vendors

From changing your latest album’s cover image to filtering on the requests page, there's a video for that! As a submitter, it’s incredibly important to understand how to include the most information in your album to give editors a full understanding of the work that went into the images.

Here are a few of our favorite videos:



two bright lights how-to videos request photographer permission How to Get Permission from a Photographer




two bright lights how-to videos upload images How to Add Images to a New Album



Once you've created an album, make sure you try out our Publication Matching Tool during the submission process. We make it easy to decide which publications are the right fit for your work!

How-To Videos for Editors

With your busy schedule, you’re wondering how you will ever get it all done? Knowing your way around TBL is an incredible way to cross publishing off your to-do list. You strive to inspire your viewers and empower your submitters; by confidently publishing through Two Bright Lights you’ll do a bit of both! Our tutorials cover everything from how to accept an album for publication to updating your badge.

Knowing and understanding the different tools within Two Bright Lights is the key to submission confidence and publication success. Don’t believe us? Watch a few of these super short tutorials, and we guarantee you’ll feel like a publishing king or queen! Keep an eye out over the next few months for more video goodies up on our YouTube page.

Is there a TBL topic we haven’t covered that you’d like to learn? Please let us know at!


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