You've Got Mail: Intro to TBL's Messaging Platform

January 30, 2018

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The Messaging Platform is Here

You know how it goes: your submission was accepted, but maybe you have a question about the feature. Or maybe you want to see if there's an updated publication date coming your way. Well, chatting with an editor just got way easier! Two Bright Lights is excited to introduce direct messaging with editors on site! No more having to converse via email or trying to track down contact info. You can now send a message to any editor with which you have an active submission. This also goes for editors; they can now reach out to anyone they have an active submission with!

Questions? We have answers.

...So how do messages work?
If you have an active submission with a Two Bright Lights Publication, you and the editor can communicate back and forth directly on the platform. The messages are on a submission by submission basis so the publisher will always know exactly which album you are talking about.

How do I access the messages?
There are two places: 1) Open the submission and click on the message button. You will be able to read and send messages there. 2) Click the inbox button at the top right of the TBL screen. There you will be redirected to your messaging inbox and can create, read or respond to any messages for active submissions there.

What do I need to do to be able to send a message?
If you have a paid TBL subscription (monthly or annual) and you have an active submission (status of submitted, under review, on hold, accepted or was published less than 2 months ago) you have the ability to contact the publisher directly on the platform.

What is an active submission?
An active submission is anything with the status of submitted, under review, on hold, accepted or a submission that was published less than 2 months ago.

How will I know if I received a message?
You can log into your account and check your messages at anytime, but you will also receive an email at the end of everyday to notify you if you have received new messages.

Have any additional questions for us about the messaging platform? Reach out to us at with any questions, concerns or feedback. We love to hear from you!

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