Photographer Spotlight: Christa Rene's Steps to Getting Published Through Two Bright Lights

January 24, 2018

Christa Rene of Christa Rene Photography

Having my own photography business wasn’t a lifelong dream I’d always had! I wanted to be an entrepreneur or teacher, but changed my major to business from education months before starting college in the fall of 2012. Later that year, I made the splurge and bought my first DSLR camera. I began chasing photography because I loved it. It made me happy, brought my so much joy, and allowed me to connect with incredible people! Throughout the past years in my business, I always looked up to other photographers who were published. I felt like they had crossed some huge milestone that probably couldn’t be apart of my immediate future. I didn’t know any quick ways to get published besides uploading separate galleries and sending them one at a time to a few of the blogs I knew of. It took a lot of time and effort, and was discouraging getting rejection emails to all but one.

I signed up for Two Bright Lights, hoping to get some of my favorite weddings from that year published easier than uploading and submitting galleries separately to each of the few publishers I knew existed. Two Bright Lights allows you to easily upload your images and put in vendor information, then select what publishers you’d like to submit to and off the submission goes. Instead of emailing several publishers individually, I’m able to submit a wedding to 5 publishers at once. I remember the first time I was published, and I felt like I had reached a huge place! It was a maternity session, but I still had to get a wedding published and I knew weddings were what I wanted to shoot more of. In the first year I had Two Bright Lights, I had 16 publications for my weddings (one even in print)! I’m able to share this accomplishment with others, and it adds credibility to my work and business.

Because of this I wanted to share some tips with you on getting your photos published without spending too much time submitting your work!

First, have your brides send you vendor information. I send my brides a questionnaire before every wedding asking for their vendor information so I can easily find and tag vendors. Ask them specifically about their dress, planner, caterer, venue website, etc. so you can save time not having to remember or reach out later asking for that information! This will allow you to put all the vendors in quickly and easily when you submit since publishers love when several vendors are involved!


Second, include a lot of detail shots. While your couple might be quick to make the first images they post ones with just the two of them, don’t forget publishers love pretty detail shots that tie the whole day together!


Third, look at publisher requests before submitting. One of my favorite things about Two Bright Lights is the section where publishers can share what they’re looking for to publish. So if you want to quickly be published, you can check what kind of images they’re looking for (example: beach wedding on the East coast) so you can know which wedding or images to start uploading!


And lastly, just keep submitting. The same album can be published multiple times unless the publication is exclusive. Unless you’re trying to get in an exclusive publication, submit your work to multiple non-exclusive publications. Once the submission expires and is available for resubmission elsewhere, submit the album to other non-exclusive publishers! Also, if you receive a rejection email, don’t be discouraged! Publishers need to be picky, and I’ve had way more albums be declined than published. Choose a different publication to submit your work to, and keep submitting!

Two Bright Lights was a game changer to my business, and I’m excited to continue using it in the future!


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