How Getting Published Helped Us Relocate Our Business With Ease by Meredith Ryncarz

March 12, 2018

Meredith Ryncarz

Photo: Courtesy of Meredith Ryncarz

Owning a business was the furthest thing from my mind in college.  I knew I wanted to teach people about art and use photography as a visual story teller.  When our son was born, I made the transition out of formal teaching and dove head first into photography.  As a military spouse, I thought this career change would be a better fit for our lifestyle of constant relocation.

What I didn’t consider as a new business owner was that the baby business I was building in one location, would soon be seen as a new baby business again in another.  I would spend time building up a network and referral circle in one state only have to repeat the process 4 years later in a new state. After multiple moves crisscrossing the country there are a few things that make relocating a business occur successfully.  One of the best tools we have used with every single move is Two Bright Lights.  Here are a few ways I have utilized it as a tool, not only to relocate but to network and grow our wedding business.

Photo: Courtesy of Meredith Ryncarz

  1. Stick to Your Region

    When moving from the Midwest to the East Coast we focused on creating content for smaller regional blogs in the Virginia, North Carolina, and DC area. While large national blogs are fantastic, when it came to moving, these more regionally focused ones really helped more with SEO so that we would come up in these markets search queries.

  2. Know the Market

    When it came to being new to an area, one of the quickest ways to know what was trending in the market was to look through the blogs that were located in that area. Web searches didn’t always yield good results for this and so we utilized Two Bright Lights to gather additional information on the market through the list of publications they have on their site. This helped us quickly fit in with the local market and trends, while still standing out as our own unique brand.

  3. Publications Helped Us Grow

    Blogging and publications not only helped our business' website to be found in the new region we were going to, but also got our brand out in front of clients and fellow vendors that we wanted to work with. Long before we met the vendors we wanted to work with, they had been seeing our names in publications and on the social media of those publications. This allowed us to book clients in our new city long before ever moving there.

  4. Credibility

    As the new girl in town, having past publications locally or nationally that I could share with potential clients or local vendors helped lend credibility to me as a legitimate business owner who had a seasoned business and wasn’t just randomly popping up on the scene for the first time.

While publications are just one of the tools we use to move successfully from one state to the next, it is one of the biggest factors in us being able to grow successfully in an ever-changing industry where my business is often seen as the “new gal” in town. Two Bright Lights has been a game changer and huge support structure for the success of us moving and I am grateful to have them as a tool in my tool belt.

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