Editor Spotlight: Founder & CEO Ian Cornwall of BigDayMade!

April 05, 2018

   Photo Credit: Sarah Eichstedt Photography

In our latest Editor Spotlight Two Bright Lights Interviews BigDayMade's Founder & CEO Ian Cornwall. Ian prides himself on helping engaged couples find the best vendors to make their day as beautiful as possible. By highlighting the great work of wedding professionals like vendors, photographers, planners, florists, and more, BigDayMade is an essential resource for couples planning their big day. Read on for our exclusive interview and discover his tips for creating a stand out submission.


My background is in technology, which is a little unusual for the publishing world! I’ve held leadership roles in product and marketing at Google, Amazon, and smaller startups in between. For the past decade or so, my focus has been on helping local business owners find new clients and grow top-line revenue. Based on my own experience planning a wedding several years ago, I decided to apply my technology skills to the wedding industry and help creative professionals get more exposure and find new clients on BigDayMade. My favorite moments so far have been building deep relationships with photographers and creating an online experience to match the quality of their work!

Tell us a little bit about your publication.

BigDayMade showcases the incredible work of creative professionals to help engaged couples find the vendors to make their big day amazing. We work with talented photographers (many of whom find us through TwoBrightLights!) and create an online portfolio of their work to showcase on our site. We’re focused on SF Bay Area photographers right now, but also accept submissions from photographers across the US.

How did you get into publishing?

Couples tell us that the first--and often most important--piece in evaluating a vendor are the pictures of their work from real weddings. And that’s a consistent response from couples whether it’s deciding on a photographer, floral designer, makeup artist, or rentals provider. Images from past weddings are a great indication of how the couple and their guests will experience the day and of the memories they’ll carry with them forever. So, we’re a little different than most publications. We started with what couples told us they wanted to help make a business decision and then backed into being a publisher!

What types of submissions are you looking for? Do you have a particular style?

We don’t have a specific style of photography for our publication--we feature a range that spans photojournalism, fine art photography, impressionism, and more! We focus on whether submissions are technically good and tell a compelling story. We also require that submissions have a minimum of five tagged vendors, use high-resolutions images, and showcase the full wedding day (no styled shoots or engagement shots, as of now.

                                  Photo Credit: Sarah Eichstedt Photography

What is your favorite feature that you sourced through Two Bright Lights in the Last Year?

There are so many great ones, it’s hard to play favorites. I love this submission, from just the other day, of Jasmine & Raymond’s San Francisco City Hall wedding shot by Sarah Eichstedt. It’s fun, has gorgeous colors and lighting, and ends with a creative toast and bouquet toss on the beach!

What advice would you give to a new submitter?

First of all, submit! We only know about you if you raise your hand and share a wedding with us. We have a good track record of getting back to photographers quickly--usually within 24-48 hours of submission. Second, make sure to include high-resolution images, a full list of vendors (minimum of 4 other vendors plus you!), and showcase the full wedding (from getting ready to reception). Third, unlike other publishers, we typically want multiple albums of yours to showcase--so we encourage photographers to submit multiple weddings at once.

What are some of your favorite current trends?

That’s hard to say. Honestly, lots of what we love to feature is timeless: quality photography, an awesome team of vendors, and a great story!

Is there anything else you would like to share?

We look forward to seeing your submissions! You can always email me at ian@bigdaymade.com with questions or comments. We'd love to hear from you.


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