TBL On The Road: LVL Academy

June 22, 2018

Phew! The last few weeks have been a crazy whirlwind. But I couldn't let June pass by without telling you all about my trip to LVL Academy earlier this month. I had the absolute pleasure of spending 3 full days with the LVL team and more than 25 planners from around the world in Santa Ana, California. I continue to be floored by the amount of education I walked away with. If you're an experienced planner, aspiring planner or anywhere in between, you will come away with more knowledge than you can imagine!

Where do I even start? Well the brains behind LVL Academy are Lindsay & Heather, who also run the team at LVL Weddings & Events. If you had the opportunity to watch our webinar with them you already know this, but the amount of wedding and event knowledge the two of them have is incredible. When I tell you just being in the same room with them is inspiring, I'm not kidding.


Heather & Lindsay | LVL Academy Attendees


On day one we immediately hit the ground running and tackled everything a planner needs to know about process & planning.  And I mean everything. Look at that topic list!

Day 1 Recap
  • Definitions and Services
  • What is Your Why
  • People, then Planning
  • Being a Pro
  • Your Ideal Client
  • How to Book Weddings | Sales
  • Client Books, What’s Next? Welcome Email, Managing Expectations
  • Creating and Managing a Wedding Budget
  • Leveraging Aisle Planner to Streamline Your Business
  • The 411 on Catering
  • Vendor Referral Process
  • How to Create a Timeline
  • Photo and Video Panel with Brandon Kidd Photography and Hoo Films


Tayler from Aisle Planner | Meghan Learning to Sketch


Day two was all about the Design & Details. I even had the opportunity to face my fears of putting pencil to paper in sketching and come out with something I wasn't completely embarrassed with... that's until I texted a picture to my husband and he immediately brought me back down to earth, ha!

Day 2 Recap


By day three, we were all ready to get our hands dirty and really work on mastering the skills that make the wedding day go off without a hitch. It was also the day I got to take off my learning hat and teach everyone how to choose the right publication for them, submission process do's and don'ts and why getting published boosts your business.


Meghan sharing submission do's and don'ts


Day 3 Recap


All our new friends from LVL Academy


Reflecting on the three days at LVL Academy, I am able to call so many of these amazing women friends. A big thank you to Lindsay & Heather for inviting Two Bright Lights into the LVL family. Can't wait for the next Academy in November. Want to join us? Register for the November Academy today! Can't make the trip? No problem, you can find all the amazing education in the wedding planning online workshop too!


Written by: Meghan Brown, Manager at Two Bright Lights

Contact her at @meghan_sb or meghan@twobrightlights.com

Photo Credit: Lorely Meza

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