Automate Your Wedding & Event Planning Business with These Tips from Dubsado

July 18, 2018

Event & wedding planning is fun. You get to bring a vision to life, serve others, and secure that really good catering company. But sometimes we can't focus on the things we love. We become buried in the backend, bogged down by paperwork, following up with payments, constant thoughts of, “Did I send that email to that huge potential client?” Let's face it. Running a business is tough. But you already knew that.

The good news is that you can get back to all the fun stuff, all of those wonderful things that made you start your own business in the first place. Dubsado is a system that can automate the tedious things in your business, giving you more time and energy for the parts of it that fuel your passion.

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Photo: Raw Pixel, Unsplash

Onboarding and Workflows

Dubsado's lead capture has the potential to turn a curious engaged couple browsing your website into full-fledged paying customers—without you lifting a finger. The submission of a lead capture can trigger a workflow: a responsive chain of actions you can customize. For example, if a soon-to-be-married couple submits a lead capture form, the workflow could send a questionnaire requesting relevant wedding details. When the questionnaire is filled out and sent back to you, the workflow can send a proposal for your services. All this can be done automatically, but you can also set the workflow to pause at specific times, giving you the chance to check in and make tweaks before it keeps going. You can even set the workflow to send emails on anniversaries or birthdays long after a job is complete!


If you have a lot of clients and you want to keep them organized, you can put the leads into funnels: categories you custom name. You can have funnels for wedding leads, small event leads, medium event leads, confirmed leads—literally anything you want to type in, or anything that makes sense for your organizational needs. You can create funnels for each step in the process of a job. Your lead capture forms can then be set to automatically categorize incoming leads into the correct funnels, and so can your workflows. Your workflow can then move leads from one funnel to another automatically, based on how far along the lead is in the booking process.

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Photo: Photos by Lanty, Unsplash

Client Portals

Let's say you need to send multiple forms to a client at once, but you don't want to bombard them with emails or links. You've got a questionnaire and a vision board to send, followed by your quote. You can put all those forms into the Dubsado client portal instead and just email the portal link. Your client can access that portal online at any time and see everything related to the project you are working on. They won't have to sift through old emails to find forms they filled out weeks ago, they can just login to the portal. If you have multiple jobs going on with one client, that's all on the same portal, too. You can also embed the portal link into your website for the client's easy access. It gives a comforting level of transparency when your client has a visual location for their big event info. (You’ll also be able to see when your clients have viewed or interacted with something in the portal, giving you greater security with any potential disputes!)


Proposals allow the clients to select which of your services they want, like an online shopping cart. Once they make a selection, that proposal can auto generate both a contract and an invoice. To see the contract and invoice, the client just clicks into the next tabs—no new links or emails required. This feature is nice, because it takes the client from choosing services to signing the contract to the option of paying the invoice all at once.

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Photo: Michael Nunes, Unsplash


Dubsado lets you set up a payment schedule with due dates for amounts of money. You can request the client pay a deposit of 50% the invoice total by 10 days before their wedding, and you can set up payment reminders to go out automatically 3 days before that. Then you can set the remaining 50% to be due 10 days after the wedding. This is just an example; you can customize it to your needs, adjusting the amount due on a certain date by percentage of total, or by a fixed amount of money.

These are just some of the ways that you can simplify your workload in order to focus on the things you love in your business. Dubsado is a one stop shop for automating your processes! 

To top it off, we've got an exclusive discount code! Use code TBL for 30% off your first month or year with Dubsado.  Now get out there, automate your business, and make more time for the fun stuff (like left over wedding cake, of course!)



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