How to Help Your Couples Select Their Engagement Session Location

If you are a wedding photographer or event professional who works with couples during their engagement, then you know just how hard it is for couples to make big decisions about the different parts of the process. From save the dates to hiring vendors for their wedding to everything in between, your couples have many things to consider. As an event professional, one of your jobs is to make their experience with you and their experience throughout their engagement just a little bit better in any way that you can. Today I will share how to walk your couples through choosing the best location for their engagement session! My name is Jessica Hunt, and I am a professional wedding & anniversary photographer who serves passionate couples anywhere and everywhere! I have been photographing weddings for 8 years, so naturally I have few tips when it comes to helping couples choose their engagement session location!


The first step in helping your couples choose their engagement session location is to encourage them to make it personal. You want to encourage them to choose a location that is significant to their relationship.  You want to have your couple choose a location that isn’t just some random park in their town, but is a place that means something to them. Maybe a place that is similar to the place they first met or actually is the place they first met. Or maybe repeat a date idea that they’ve done together for their engagement photos.It might be their favorite local brewery or they might request to go mini-golfing! No matter what they choose, no answer is a wrong answer if the location is important to your couple. It can be sentimental, actionable, or just beautiful, as long as it MEANS something.


The second step is asking them what they like to do together! If they don’t have a location nearby that is personal or important to them, a great way to incorporate their relationship into their engagement photos would be to do something for their photos that they love to do together. It could be riding bikes in their new town or grabbing a few double scoops from the local creamery down the street. Just as long as your couple does something they do together that they enjoy doing together and go from there!


The third and final step to think about when helping your couples choose their engagement session location is to keep it simple, but make it unique. Keep it simple by not pressuring them to perform too much or do too much during their photos, instead make it unique to them! Getting photos taken is stressful to begin with and can really be a struggle sometimes for couples that don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera. You want to make this process as easy as possible by not asking too much of them and by shaping their engagement experience to be about them. Every couple is different and every love story is unique, so get to know your couple little bit better! If you chat with them about their lives together, their love story, or their hobbies, I’m sure you’ll have an idea of where to take their engagement session photos after that chat!

So there you have it: three simple steps on how to help your couples choose their engagement session location! The best way to have a beautiful engagement session that results in gorgeous images is by not asking too much of couple while shaping their engagement experience around them. Focus on what your couple, their relationship, and what’s important to them.

Here are a few ideas of locations and fun things to do with your couples for engagement sessions:

Grabbing coffee

Going to a local brewery

-Going on a bike ride

Taking a stroll on the beach

Cuddling up on the couch with a good book

Cooking in their kitchen

Walking through their favorite city


Guest Blog by Jessica Hunt

Jessica Hunt is a wedding and anniversary photographer serving passionate couples anywhere and everywhere. She has been photographing weddings professionally for 8 years and has been published nationwide over 200 times in her career. Jessica enjoys hitting the gym, binging true crime dramas, listening to political podcasts, and drinking too much coffee. When she’s not shooting weddings across the United States, you can find her curled up with her two cats and sweet pup watching the latest terrible action blockbuster. Feel free to contact Jessica about all things wedding day or anniversary photos!

All photos courtesy of Jessica Hunt Photography

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