How to Make Your Own Custom GIF Stickers: Pt. 2

August 07, 2018

Have you noticed the GIF stickers popping up on Instagram Stories everywhere? We sure have! But did you know that brands and artists can actually create their own original GIF Stickers? Once we realized this we quickly made our own, which you can find by searching 'TBL' or 'Two Bright Lights' in the sticker function on stories on Instagram and Snapchat. We knew we had to share the steps for how you could create GIF Stickers too! Interested in making GIF Stickers for your business? Follow our steps below:

If you didn't read Pt 1, click here to read about our experience creating brand Stickers for Two Bright Lights.

Brainstorm your Stickers & Know the Basics

The first step is to brainstorm your Stickers. Concept & sketch out ideas that represent your brand, are commonly associated with your brand, and play off of things your users already do. Remember, this is all about your audience. Put yourself in their shoes, walk around a little, and go to the drawing board. Maybe start with your logo, and then go ahead and get creative with it. People really show their personalities through their Instagram and Snapchat stories, so give the people what they want and create something they’ll find delight in.

Verify Your Brand or Artist Channel

As you are sketching your Stickers, you should also apply to be a verified artist or brand channel on Giphy. This is a required step to gain the ability to upload your GIF Stickers for use and you can apply for a Giphy brand channel here. This may take a day or two to get approved, but the Giphy team is diligent and great at following up if you have questions! Note that while some small businesses get verified, not all may be approved due to the verification selection step. Additionally, Giphy states that they do not allow artist channels to upload commercial work for the brands that they work with. Instead, the brand needs to create a verified brand channel where they can upload the commissioned brand Stickers. This means you can pool your graphic design resources OR you can work with the Giphy artists to create them! Simply ensure that all branded GIF Stickers are going on your brand channel.

Be Aware of Sticker Requirements

Technical Specs, as per the Stickers FAQ from Giphy:

-Upload all stickers to Giphy as GIF files, the same way you would upload a standard GIF

-Avoid APNG files, they do not currently support them

-Stickers must be exported with at lease 20% transparent pixels, no white or opaque color backgrounds

-Size: 500-600px with an even-numbered height & width

-There is no maximum file size, our server will automatically resize the sticker upon upload

-Note that RBG color mode is mandatory

-Upon exporting, make sure to set to loop Forever 

Upload & Share your Stickers

Once you have been verified as an artist or brand channel on Giphy, it's time to get uploading! You upload GIF Stickers in the same way you would a GIF, so the process is seamless! Upon uploading you will need to rate your Sticker (G through R, playing off of common audience ratings) as well as tag the GIF with words that it will appear for when searched. We recommend using your brand name, any hashtags you your brand regularly uses and then pick tags that would appeal to your audience and the GIF itself. Keep in mind you can only add 10, so make your tags count! Lastly, you can make the Sticker public or private, your call, but keep in mind only public Stickers will show up in search.

Spread the Word & Use your GIFs on social 

Publish your GIFs and watch them go live. Once they are uploaded, you can check stats on your Giphy dashboard to see how many views your GIFs have received. Make sure to let your users know about your Stickers on social media and where to go to find them. (Which is kind of what we are doing here on Part 1 of this blog...) Now sit back and keep an eye out for the fun ways that users play with your Stickers. The best part? Once you go through the process the first time you will realize for easy it is to upload and create new Stickers are desired, so you can keep the Stickers coming!

If you do end up making some branded GIF Stickers, tag us when you use them so we can share them on our stories, too. Bring you brand to life with some creative GIF Stickers of your own-we can’t wait to see what you create!

Written by: Jenny Hicks & Two Bright Lights Team

Featured: Anee Atelier, Equally Wed

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