It’s the Remix to Submission-Meet our Revamped Publication Matching Tool

August 23, 2018

At the heart of Two Bright Lights is the mission to make getting your work published even easier. We are constantly evaluating what needs to be created and what our users are telling us needs improvement. From this core mission stemmed the need to create even better, more accurate publication suggestions for user submissions. Today we’re announcing the launch of our newly revamped Publication Matching Tool. What’s new and what’s improved, you ask? Keep reading!

We’re announcing the launch of the newly revamped Two Bright Lights Publication Matching Tool

We want your submissions to be matched with the perfect publications, not merely a suggested list. To do so we had to start from the ground up; From revising and improving our publication preferences on the editor's side, to reevaluating our matching algorithm, to how matching publications are displayed to our users. Below we will break down each of these updates in detail.

Editor Publication Profile

We wanted to give our editors the power to not only say what they seek out in their desired submissions, but also convey the styles of content they don’t wish to receive. Say you are an editor of a bohemian themed bridal publication, naturally you want to see bohemian weddings and less so traditional, modern weddings. So how did we do this? We broke all of these different stylistic terms out in the specific categories (like photography style, setting, etc.) and allowed our editors to weight each category by importance. From there they can choose which tags within the the category resonate most with their desired content. And voila, this is the first step of the Publication Matching Tool.

Matching Algorithm

While we can’t tell you everything (algorithms are so technical, anyways!) our matching algorithm works symbiotically with our new publication profiles. Meaning, if the editor conveyed that a certain category and its corresponding detailed terms are more important to them than others, that is calculated and then connected with submissions that match those terms. Location is now rated higher in the matching logic and we now offer Photography Style as an option. This will better help the style of your content to be better met with publications that also look for similar stylistic content for their publication. Overall, we have made it so that what  is important deemed to our editors from a content perspective can now be more effectively communicated to our submitters through matching publication suggestions.

Matching Publications

On the submitter side, users will now see Matching Publications clearly displayed when they go through the submission process. However, in order for this to be as effective as possible, the album descriptor tags (like style, setting, etc.) are incredibly important to include during the album creation process. These tags are what feed into our technology and ensure the accuracy of our Matching Algorithm’s suggestions. When moving through the submission process, you will now see a selection of publications, denoted with a corresponding orange color bar of matching rate, that best suit your submission. Don’t like any of our suggestions? You can instead scroll down and select from our list of all of our other publications. This all happens in one place, making submissions as easy as a click of a button.

We’re so excited for our editors & submitters to experience our new Publication Matching Tool. We truly believe that this will improve the experience on both sides of the process. While we are celebrating the launch of this new revamp, we still want to hear your thoughts and feedback. Have an idea or suggestion? Send over to us at


Happy publishing,

The Two Bright Lights Team

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