4 Tips for Growing Your Business by Getting Published by The Harris Company

September 24, 2018

As an emerging photographer, getting published was always a dream! The process to do so seemed overwhelming… where would I start… and scary! (what if the editors hated my work!?). Then we found Two Bright Lights! TBL simplifies the process down to a few easy steps AND allows us to submit to multiple publications at one time (so we weren't as fearful of rejection! HA!) It’s a seamless transaction that makes submitting work to wedding publications so easy! Because of this stress-free process, we have been able to submit LOTS of our engagement and wedding albums and have them stored right on the site. Having them stored in TBL makes it so easygoing when you’re sorting through albums – it’s so nice that once they’re uploaded, they’re stored there forever!

Over the past few years, we've learned a thing or two about what editors are looking for and how we can use the tools provided by TBL to find those perfect matches and get published more frequently! Of course it’s an honor to display those publication badges proudly on our site, but more importantly, now our work is getting in front of more prospective couples, our current couples are sharing their features (our work!) more frequently, we started booking more and we’re able to raise our pricing as a result!

Here are our top tips for growing your business through publication:

Do Your Research

There are SO MANY publications out there that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of them all. Some publications target the off-beat, edgy couples... others might be speaking to a romantic, classic bride. Take some time to hone in on the publications that fit your style of photography, those that you feel would best represent the session and get your work in front of more couples that would love to book you (i.e.: your IDEAL clients!). We use the star tool offered by TBL to save publications that are a good fit for our brand by rating them within the database. Editors want a consistent feel to the style of images they are publishing and it’s important to put your work in front of your ideal client. By using the star tool, we are able to easily filter through publications and submit to our top choices first!

Plan Ahead

If you know the couple is really interested in being published, or the wedding/session has the potential to be published, get everyone on the same page about what editors are looking for and how you can accomplish that together. Things like wardrobe, location, details, details and oh, DETAILS are super important! Editors look for unique elements that will inspire their audience, so encourage your couples to incorporate something different or meaningful that will be provided for engaging content and tell a story.  

Ask the Couple to Contribute

Most couples are ecstatic about the opportunity to be featured in a magazine or online blog. Streamline your process by asking them to write-up the story ahead of time (we do this in the form of a client questionnaire!) TBL also has a feature where you can provide the couples information and the editors can reach out to them directly! Less work for you = more time growing your business!

Include Everyone

The more collaborators you have, the bigger the reach will be when everyone starts sharing! Once the submission is accepted for publication, be sure to let everyone know ahead of time when and where the feature will be published so they can add it to their marketing calendar as well! If you include all of their info in the initial submission, you have the opportunity to send this info directly from the TBL platform! 

As a business owner, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day tasks of editing, social media, client management, ALL.THE.THINGS... but with TBL the submission process becomes just a minor addition to our studio workflow with a BIG impact.

Just like their mission statement says, Two Bright Lights, “is the simplest tool for photographers, planners, and other creatives to get your work featured in hundreds of blogs, websites, and magazines.”


By Makayla Harris

All Photos Courtesy of The Harris Company

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