Introducing Open Gallery

December 13, 2018

We’ve all been there: uploading albums, submitting your work and waiting to get published. Sometimes it can feel like a guessing game — if only you could read an editor’s mind, right?

What if we told you our newest site update will change the way you submit & get published by having the editors come to you and request to publish your work? Just imagine the time saved & the potential to expose you to publications you didn’t know about before.

Well, we’ve made that ‘What if’ a reality...

What is Open Gallery?

We’ve turned submissions on their head. Select editors can now search for photos & albums in addition to receiving submissions.


Who will be able to search the images?

Select editors will have a new option of Open Gallery Search. They can search keywords that will bring relevant opted in photos & albums to their attention and will request permission to publish the work.


So how does it work?

Each image in Open Gallery will automatically be read by our new image reading technology, offering the best results for our editors. Album tags will also factor into these search results.


Want to learn more? Read more about Open Gallery.

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