5 Ways to Incorporate Storytelling Into Your PR Strategy

February 07, 2019

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Good PR is all about who you know and storytelling. Luckily if you’re on Two Bright Lights, we’ve done some of the heavy-lifting for you by establishing these connections! That being said, it’s important to use them to their fullest potential through crafting a compelling story for your business. This includes the way you present your business, how you pitch an individual album to a publication, and strategically using those published features to your advantage. Read through for tips on making the most of your published features by incorporating storytelling into your PR strategies!

Start by Thinking of How Storytelling Can Be Woven Into Your Brand

When incorporating storytelling into your PR strategy, consider a couple of questions that will make it easy for potential clients to understand what your business is all about, and to see why they should work with you. Ask yourself: What is my brand trying to accomplish? Who is my dream client? Make the answers to these questions clear in your business pitches and branding. This is also a good opportunity to put a personal touch on your brand by including the people who are behind it and providing context that matches your values.

Understand Your Audience, and Know Where to Find Them

Our publication matching tool can help suggest publications that match your individual albums, but you should still have a clear understanding of different publication brands. Do research based on your own business, and be sure to know your target audience by submitting to publications that align with your business. Keep in mind that each publication has a distinct brand identity and an audience that reflects it. Understand what kinds of publications they read, what kind of social media platforms they’re on and who they’re following. You won’t be able to reach them without knowing where they are, and the goal is to create a presence for your business among your ideal audience!

Think of Each Submission As a Pitch

We’ve already shared our tips on how to curate and submit a great album. But it’s important to think of each submission not only as a pitch to the publication, but a pitch to your future clients. Make sure to write a compelling album story and provide information that is consistent with your business’ “brand”. Try to find a unique angle that will make your submission stand out. Ensure that your work will appeal to the editor, who is looking for content that will appeal to that publication’s audience. Read more about how to pitch to publications from our friends over at The Knot Pro!

Share Your Features on Social Media

Continue the story telling into your social media! Every good story has characters and a setting, so why not show your audience all of the characters that made your event possible, and give them some visual cues for the setting? This is a no-brainer for several reasons. When you post about features, you will continue to draw attention to your business and expand the reach of the share through tagging everyone involved. Instagram stories are a great place to do this, since you can highlight multiple parts of a feature and guide your audience through the experience. Check out our previous post for more social media tips!

Incorporate Storytelling Into Your Client Onboarding Process

It’s important to create a smooth onboarding process when working with potential clients. If you’ve followed the tips above, they should already have a clear idea of your brand and why your services are a good fit for them. Think about it this way: When a brand feels like just the right fit for you and that they just get you, that’s when you want to work with them. Think about setting that tone for your clients by connecting them to the ethos of your business’ brand. Imagine handing a potential client a magazine or being able to send a link to a published feature from your favorite blog instead of a gallery of your past work to review. This instantly gives you credibility and shows that you’re well connected in the industry.


Now it’s time to get out there and up your PR strategy! If you follow these steps, we’re sure you’ll become an industry expert in no time. Ready to submit and see your work published ? Sign up for Two Bright Lights here.

Remember, we’re always here to help! Send your thoughts and questions to support@twobrightlights.com and join the TBL community on instagram @twobrightlights.


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