How to Connect Authentically With Potential Clients

February 26, 2019

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The options for potential clients searching for the right professional for their wedding, photoshoot, or event, can feel endless. That’s why the way you connect with your audience is more important now than ever. It’s all about putting yourself out there, engaging with your audience, and making it easy to see why you’re the perfect match for them. We’ve rounded up some of our best tips to help you connect authentically with potential clients, so that your business stands out above the rest!

Use your About page to its full potential

Your About page is one of the first places potential clients will look when visiting your website to get a sense of who you are. Be sure to use your voice & personality to establish & showcase your brand. While this page should be informational, it’s an opportunity to present a compelling case to potential clients as to why they should want to work with you. Make it more interesting by going beyond the generic information you need to share; Talk about your interests and personal anecdotes in addition to your professional background, plus the fun facts that make you, you. Lastly, don’t be afraid to a picture of yourself so that your clients can put a face to the name! If you’re looking for an example, our friend and photographer Lena Mirisola’s “About” page hits all the marks.

It's Ok to Get personal on social media!

Let’s be honest, we all love scrolling through Instagram to get a glimpse into the day to day of our friends and family. But social is also one of the first places clients look when seeing if a vendor is the right fit for them. Sharing details about your personality and your life is an effective way to stand out to your audience, and could build a foundation for your relationship before it even begins via email or phone call. (Remember that your personality is what sets you apart!) Just be sure to set limits and keep it professional at the same time. While it’s important to establish your brand by encompassing aspects about yourself or your industry that expand beyond your business, don’t forget that the end goal is still to promote your company. It’s all about balance (& the ‘gram, of course!).

Don’t be afraid to engage

Be responsive to comments and likes on social media and blog posts, and don’t shy away from interacting with your followers! This includes comments on your own posts, in addition to reaching out and leaving comments on other posts of professionals whose work you admire. Take a look at our Social Media Tips for Creatives to get a head start. Don’t be afraid to have fun with it either; over at TBL we love a perfectly timed emoji or gif. Read about how to make your own gifs for your business, here and here!

Stay consistent in the process.

Part of being authentic and building trust with your clients comes from being consistent. Think about it: when you have a friend who is reliable and good on their word, you can trust them to act on their promises. Same goes for your business relationships with your clients. Make sure to meet the expectations you have set out for your potential clients in the way you carry out your business, and in the way you handle your PR strategy. This ranges from the types of publications you are featured in, to your internet and social media presence.

Don’t brush off the importance of reviews

These don’t go unnoticed, and can make or break your business! Clients really do read these (yes, REALLY!), and they can drastically increase the amount of business and revenue that comes your way. Add a step into your workflow to ask your clients to write reviews a couple of weeks after working with them so that future clients have testimonials to refer to. For more on the topic, take a look at this post by our friends over at The Knot Pro on why reviews matter for your business. Additionally, when responding to inquiries and feedback, make sure to individualize your responses to make each message feel personal. This makes your clients feel like they are valued, and builds trust in your brand. This is also a useful way for you to track all the ways you can improve your business practices!

Showcase your features in once place

Make a good first impression when a client is visiting your website by creating an “As seen in” page to showcase your features. This builds credibility by showing them that your work is worth being published, and that they too could be featured on a blog or in a magazine one day! TBL makes this even easier on you by providing badges to download directly from your account! You can use these on your TBL profile, and on your personal website.

Now that you've read through some of our favorite tips to foster authentic connections for your business, don't hesitate to engage! Leave us any questions or additional tips in the comments below. If you're looking for other ways to boost your PR strategy, take a look at some of our past posts, including How To Establish Your Business as an Industry ExpertHow To Get Published in a constantly Changing Media Landscape. Time to get out there and get connecting!

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