Creative (and Quick) Ways to Build Your Brand with Tayler Cusick-Hollman

March 12, 2019

As a creative business owner, your to-do list is long. From drafting contracts and overseeing finances to working through projects and managing your client experience, your days are filled with trying to crank through seemingly endless tasks in order to get from first inquiry to final invoice. But, in addition to doing #allthethings you need to keep clients happy and your business running, you’ve got to build your brand! A growing brand is, after all, what helps keep the inquiries coming.

The thing is, while you know that building your brand is an important part of building your business, it often is the task that gets pushed further and further down the list. (There are only so many hours in the day – and you’ve got them all spoken for!) Today I wanted to share some creative ways to build your brand that won’t eat up your precious time. Read on for 4 brand-building tactics you can implement in no time flat.

Ways to Build Your Brand on Your Website

Your website is the digital home of your brand and it is the only piece of digital real estate that you own. So, if you only have the time to build your brand in one place – this is it! A quick upgrade you can make is adding a Pinterest plug-in to your website, so that when your work inspires someone, they can pin it and build your brand for you. Here’s how it works:

  • Someone visits your website and likes your work
  • They pin it on one of their Pinterest boards
  • It points back to your website
  • So that when someone else sees it and is interested in where it came from, they can click on it and find you

You’re already spending some of your time making sure that your portfolio page is on point and that your blog is refreshed, so make them continue to work for you! Installing the Pinterest plug-in is a great way to put both your portfolio page and blog to work and turn them into powerful assets for building your brand!

Ways to Build Your Brand in Your Client Experience

You bust your booty to answer emails quickly, work hard to do your best work for each project, and hope that a job well done turns into client referrals. But, even when things are going well with a client, it is still important to nurture the relationship – because it is, in fact, an opportunity to build your brand and its reputation. So, in addition to your current client workflow, try adding strategic (but genuine) gifting to your list of things to do.

Pro-tip: Greetabl has quick and creative gifts that you can send to clients. And, now you can upload your own branded patterns and save templates with Insider Pro!  It’s the perfect way to let clients know how much you enjoyed working with them while building your reputation and your brand.

Ways to Build Your Brand in your Marketing and PR Strategy

If you are wanting to build your brand on a larger scale, it’s time to look at your marketing and PR strategies. From cranking out content to sharing on social media (and everything in between), there are ways to both speed your process up and build a recognizable brand.

If planning out the perfect Instagram grid is a big part of your social strategy (and turning out to be a time suck), consider leveraging the power of styled stock photography to help build your visual brand! In addition to sharing the strongest images from your portfolio, sometimes there are moments that you want to share about your process, where you find inspiration or talk about the latest trends – but even the most show-stopping portfolio will have gaps in it. Stock photography and graphics are a great way not only to maintain the integrity of your brand, but to grow it as well since now you have the visuals to pair with your copy and expertise.

Pro-tip: Want to snag 10 free stock photos and then get 3 free ones every month? Sign up for the Sourced Co. email newsletter and we’ll drop them straight in your inbox on the first of every month!

If blogging is more of your style, one of the best ways to grow your brand recognition and reputation is by associating it with the thought leaders in your industry. Start by looking at your list of blog ideas and thinking of who might be a good collaborator for it. Then, spend just 30 minutes a month reaching out to subject experts or influencers asking them if they would like to guest post! With the right pitch, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at who you can land – and then associate your brand with!

The bottom line? You can build your brand without being a “brand expert!” What are the creative ways have you built your brand? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

Tayler is the owner of TAYLRD Media + Designs and the Co-Founder of Sourced Co. As wedding industry marketing consultant, she works with wedding professionals to help them develop the skills, strategies, and stuff they need to market their businesses and build their brands.  Based in San Diego, she was the former Marketing Director at Aisle Planner and loves nothing more than supporting female-driven businesses.

Find her on instagram: @taylrd_designs & @sourced_co

Image by Sourced Co.

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