Free Photographer & Vendor Accounts Just Got Better!

June 11, 2019

You can now submit your work for publication on a FREE account.

No, not kidding.

We've listened to your feedback, have sent countless surveys and held numerous team brainstorms to come up with ways to make our free submitter experience even better. Over and over again we heard that you wanted to upload even more photos, create more albums, and most importantly, get your work published. Since 2009, Two Bright Lights has been the industry leader in streamlining the wedding submissions process. It was the first system that allowed creatives to submit their work to more than one publication at a time, significantly increasing the efficiency of the publication process for photographers, vendors and editors alike. And now in 2019, we're shaking things up and making it so that even free users can submit their work. Take a look below to see what we're doing to make your experience even better as a free Two Bright Lights member:

Questions? We've got answers.

So what’s happening - in 2 sentences or less.

We’re making it so our users can submit on a free account to select publications AND making all of their existing and future uploaded albums available in Open Gallery! This exponentially increases their chances of getting published.

How does submitting on a free account work?

Go into the album and click submit and go through the submission process OR review our user guides here. In addition, albums will be searchable in Open Gallery to select editors. Not your jam? This status can be changed at any time.

What happens when an editor requests photos or albums through Open Gallery?

Editor requests will either be auto-approved or require direct approval from the submitter in the Submissions tab under 'Requested'. This is based on the submitter's Open Gallery Preferences, which can be reviewed & updated at any time.

Are you sure free users can submit their work for free?

Yes, to confirm, free submitters will not be charged when they submit (P.S. Free account are now referred to as a Limited accounts). However, if they wish to upgrade & submit to even more publications (we're talking hundreds of 'em!) you can upgrade here or you can sign up here! There will then be a charge accordingly based on the premium subscription that you choose (We offer both a monthly & an annual subscription).

Curious about signing up or have feedback on this exciting update? Reach out to us here at

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