7 Social Media Marketing Basics for Small Businesses

August 13, 2019

Image: Unsplash

If you’re a small business, you’re probably juggling a million things at once to keep on top of your to do list. Trust us, we feel it too! By now, we all know the importance of creating and maintaining a social media presence for your business. But have you considered how your small business’s social media might be an untapped resource for your marketing efforts? We’ve rounded up some pointers on how to make sure you’re using your social media marketing to its fullest potential.

1. Invest your time strategically

We all have our favorites when it comes to social media platforms. But make sure to pick the channels that resonate best with your audience, and invest some time to build up your presence where it will matter the most. Your business should be found on the same platforms you would expect to find your clients—both potential and current. Determine which platforms you find are the most impactful for your business, and be sure that your branding matches across each channel.

2. Drive back to your business through your social channels

Your social media presence is important for your branding, but it can also be a powerful platform for advertising. While not every single post has to be a call to action or sales driven to maintain a well-rounded, engaging feed, each post should still accurately reflect your brand. Test a mix of social media-exclusive promotions, inspirational imagery, and featuring credibility-boosting published work. This incentivizes people to stay engaged with your brand, and reaching the right people in the right place can turn curious onlookers into future clients.

3. Invest in Instagram and Facebook ads

Using Instagram and Facebook ads is an impactful way to have your target audience take action. Try using a special offer to entice followers to use your service. If you’re willing to put a few dollars behind your social media marketing strategy, paid ads are a useful way to convert clients. If you're looking to learn more, take a look at a recent blog post about how to prepare your business for Facebook Ads, and watch ad pro Chip Dizárd walk us through his tips for advertising on Facebook in our most recent webinar!

4. Use Video!

Videos are a clear and efficient way to engage with your audience and to share educational resources. Over at Two Bright Lights, we use a couple different types of videos to reach our users. To create engaging content in the feeds of our users, we use a program called Animoto to make videos with promotional materials. Video is also the perfect format for educational resources like webinars and YouTube videos. The format allows you to share information in an engaging and concise format.

5. Use Instagram’s built in features to their fullest potential

Instagram is constantly rolling out new features meant to bolster your business. Use their quiz and polling stickers to gather feedback about what resonates with your audience, or any specific questions you put out about your business. It’s also a fun way to maintain engagement! While you’re at it, don’t forget to throw in some GIFS to keep things fresh!

6. Keep up with other professionals in your industry by building out your network

Stay on top of what your friends and competition are doing with their social media accounts, including the latest updates about their business. This is essential not only to stay up to date with your competitors, but also to see what new strategies other businesses are testing out. Not to mention what a rich source of inspiration it can be!

7. Don't be afraid of the humble brag

Celebrate your business's success by sharing it with your followers! Say you just got published in the magazine or blog of your dreams. Take the opportunity to let everyone see where all of your hard work has gone, and to celebrate the creatives you worked with to make an event happen. And remember when you tag all of the publications, vendors, and clients who were involved with an event, a natural ripple effect of re-shares and exposure takes place, making your reach even more broad. Getting published is the gift that just keeps giving!

Your business’s social media channels hold tons of potential for your marketing efforts. With a little bit of work and some know-how, you’ll be watching the leads and conversions roll in. Now it’s time to get out there, and get creative!


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