Why Getting Published Should be Part of Your Client Experience

September 18, 2019

My name is Jessica Hunt, and I am a professional wedding & anniversary photographer who serves passionate couples throughout their wedding experience. I have been photographing weddings for 8 years and have been a member of Two Bright Lights for the past three and a half years. Today I want to talk about why I make getting my work published a priority in my business and how it always helps end my clients’ experiences with me on a positive note!

As a wedding photographer or professional, there are many reasons to get your work published, both online and in print:

  • a great way to get your name and your work in front of couples that may not have heard of you or seen your work organically. 
  • It increases brand recognition and allows you to market yourself as a published event professional in the industry. 
  • It boosts your website’s domain authority and SEO ranking by creating backlinks from online publications to your own site. 
  • You can use your status as a published wedding photographer or event professional in your sales pitch to new clients to solidify a big booking. 

Getting your work published allows you to enter relationships with your fellow wedding event professionals immediately established as someone whose work is worthy of publication and someone they should want to be working with!

Image Courtesy of Jessica Hunt

Why client experience matters

All-around, this whole getting published thing is a pretty good gig. Getting your work published is great for your business, and for you as a photographer or event professional. It feels pretty great too! But what I’d like to dive in a little bit deeper with you today is how the best benefit of getting published is actually how it enhances your client’s experience.

When I work with a couple, my number one priority is to enhance their wedding experience and ensure that it stays positive throughout their planning process and on the day of the event. Because, honestly, that’s what it’s all about. At the end of the day, gorgeous floral arrangements, epic locations, stunning gowns, and the possibilities of getting published aren’t the reasons why we do all of this. We do what we do for the couple and their union. That’s it! Nothing is more sacred or beautiful than two people hosting a celebration to publicly promise their lives together, right?

Create a “cherry on top moment”

Not only is getting your work published is great for you as a business owner, it’s also the best thing you can do for the relationship you have with your clients. When weighing the benefits of getting published, I am thinking about all of these things, in addition to how getting my couple’s celebration published is like the cherry on top of the sundae of their wedding experience.

At the end of their experience—following months of planning, a great wedding day, a gorgeous gallery, AND the cherry on top that is a published feature showing off all of the hard work that went into their day—you’re providing a service that’s above and beyond the norm. 

Since this whole thing is actually about the couple and their union, when I get their wedding or engagement photos published, it’s a celebration of them and their storyplus a few added perks. People want to be seen and to feel important, and having my couples’ love stories published is one of the easiest ways that I can provide that feeling for them!

Image Courtesy of Jessica Hunt

How Getting Published improves your client experience

Getting published is one of the ways that I can enhance their experience as their wedding professional. Not only does it make their time with me easy, enjoyable, and successful, but can also inherently enhance their lives, boost their confidence, or help them fall more in love.

I work hard to get my work published because it’s the smart thing to do as a business owner. But the most important part of it for me is truly how I know it makes my couples feel. And like I said, this whole thing is about those two humans and their experience, remember? Making them feel good about themselves and their union is important to the success of our experience together. Getting their photos published is one small part of that.

Another perk of giving my couples a great experience complete with the “cherry on top” that is a published feature, is that they’re more likely to tell their friends, family members, or anyone they know about you and your experience together. By getting my work published, I’m making my couples feel great, growing my business, and getting in front of more potential clients organically because my couples are excited to show off that their day is being featured to the whole world!


Image Courtesy of Jessica Hunt

Getting my work published via Two Bright Lights is something that I have adopted into my business’s standard workflow and has been an essential part of the growth of my business over the past three and a half years. Not only has it helped me grow my brand’s recognition, SEO rankings, and position within the industry, but Two Bright Lights has also helped me solidify that ‘cherry on top moment’ at the end of every experience for my couples. So, when you’re working to get your work published, don’t forget that it’s not just for your business! Those features are going to make your couples feel incredible and they won’t be able to stop talking about the service you provided for them!

Jessica Hunt is a widely-published, fine art wedding photographer for passionate couples throughout the Southeast and all over the world. She is passionate about helping lovers connect on a deeper level with each other and creating imagery that highlights every couple and love story, no matter who or how they love. When she’s not behind the lens, you can find her enjoying a craft brew at a local brewery, listening to a great podcast, or spending time with her fur family.
Follow her on Instagram: @jhuntphotos


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