The Latest Updates to Open Gallery: Publishing Just got Even Faster.

September 16, 2019

Are you up to speed with all of our latest features? We’ve made some big changes this year. From flipping the publishing process on its head by introducing Open Gallery, to making it even easier to find and publish the perfect images. Our goal is always to help you find the best content out there, and to help make the publication process as efficient as possible. In case you missed it, here’s everything we’ve recently rolled out to make sure you get the most out of your TBL account and save time.

Immediate download

We’re so excited to introduce our new immediate download feature. Downloading just got faster, and is more streamlined than ever! Now when you’re ready to export your images from Two Bright Lights for publication, the images you select will immediately be downloaded to your desktop. No more waiting for your images to process before downloading! And don’t worry, this works for full album downloads too!

Open Gallery Favorites

We added the favorites feature so you can keep the sourcing process organized and make sure you’re always selecting the best content for all of your publishing purposes. We know there are times when you are working on a story and may need to see a few different options before selecting the perfect image. Now, you have the ability to favorite images that are in Open Gallery so you can mark them as you see them, then go back and find them later when you’re ready to initiate the request. 

Open Gallery Batch Publishing

One of the best things about Open Gallery is that it allows you to source single images for use in pieces like Listicles. The batch publishing feature allows you to keep your submissions organized and your calendar up to date. Now you can mark individual images or albums that were used in the same feature as published at the same time.

General Submission Tips

  • Make requests

Let submitters know what kind of shoots you’re looking to feature. Add the stylistic details, deadlines, and any other requirements you have. These requestsare the first thing photographers and vendors see when they login to Two Bright Lights, making it easy for them to submit directly to you.

  • Make Sure your Publication Profile is up to date

Updating your profile helps make the submissions you receive even more targeted.  Your selections factor into our matching algorithm, and it only works if we have your most up to date publication info. Our tool helps to make sure you receive submissions that are the perfect match, and submitters will see your publication as an option to directly submit to when your profile matches the descriptive tags on their album. To put it simply: it will make submissions better!

  • Check out your messaging platform

Did you know you can communicate directly with submitters to get more information about their shoot? You can message with them by clicking the messaging platform in the upper right hand corner, or click the envelope icon from each individual submission.

These changes are big, and we think they’re going to make a huge impact on your publishing process. And remember, we have our newly revamped FAQ and logged-in Help section waiting for you with the answers to all of your questions along the way.


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