Photographer Permission 101



As a vendor, you work alongside tons of creatives who bring your events to life, so you know how important it is to give them a shoutout. We get it! Two Bright Lights take the creative rights of our users very seriously, and always believe in giving credit where credit is due.┬áThat’s why the image upload process begins with getting photographer permission.

Whether you’re new to TBL or just need a reminder, we’re here to show you just how simple the process is!

Once your photographer approves the request (either from their email or directly from their account), you can get to uploading & submitting all the work you collaborated on! You’ll only need to request permission from each photographer once, and the publication possibilities become endless. It’s easy!

Have any more questions? Check out our user guides here for more tips on how to use your account, or get some strategic tips on album uploading & submissions. Get in touch with us at!

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