How Getting Published Boosts Your Business in Every Step of the Process

February 13, 2020

Getting published is a huge accomplishment. It’s exciting! But if you’re a small business owner, you’re probably looking for some more ROI. Our team here at TBL could talk for days about the perks of getting your work published, but we figured you didn’t need to hear from us. We turned to some of our users to hear how getting published has helped their client experience and their business as a whole. 

When it comes to your client experience, there’s a lot that goes into creating a strategy that works for you. We like to think of this as a cycle. When we asked some of our users about how getting published has enhanced their client experience, we noticed that it was built into every part of the cycle. Your client experience has a cyclical way of working in your favor. Here’s what we mean:

Getting published establishes your business' authority

To begin with, getting your work published can do wonders for your business’ authority—both on the internet and in the eyes of your potential clients. Nikk Nguyen, Photographer and Owner of Nikk Nguyen Photography, who has literally been published hundreds of times has said: “Getting published a lot has not only helped my business authority but also boosted the amount of couples that find me. My SEO is off the charts and when my couples do find me they see me everywhere! No better way to get published than TBL.” We look at this as a two-fold bonus. Your name and work are getting in front of more couples who are in the planning process, and through link-backs, your SEO gets a major boost. That means that your business is that much more likely to show up in search results simply based off of your business type and your location. 

It helps you get in front of potential clients

The next step of the client experience cycle is to, well, get some clients. Brandy Angel, Photographer and Owner of Brandy Angel Photography, has said “I truly feel like Two Bright Lights has helped me reach so many goals I set for myself as a photographer over the years. They have made it so easy to reach countless couples and vendors around the world with my work that I may have never connected with otherwise.”  Getting your work published is one of the easiest ways to get in front of potential clients, and to get the conversation started. When your work is out there, you’re setting up the opportunity for future clients to find you! And with a little strategic research on where to submit your work, you can narrow down your audience to make sure you’re getting in front of the right people who are looking to book.

Your published features help seal the deal

Ok, so now that you’ve gotten your work in front of some new eyes, it's time to seal the deal. Getting published is a way to neatly and beautifully package your work to show to potential clients when you’re ready to make some bookings. Your published features should be used as an added bonus to working with you: “We are continually looking to add more value to our clients and the fellow vendors we work alongside... If we could only put a price on the value of being published to our clients, the entire vendor team, and certainly our company. For our clients the experience of seeing their wedding day love story published has been priceless!” says Sam Velasquez, Videographer and co-owner of Windy City Production. It also demonstrates that your work is valued by publications, and that their event might also end up in a magazine or blog, which can be a huge selling point! 

It's a special way to thank your clients!

Once you’ve booked your clients, the hard work begins, culminating in an unforgettable shoot or event. By then, you’ve probably gotten to know your clients pretty well! After delivering show-stopping results—whether they’re floral arrangements, table settings or a perfectly executed schedule—the last part of the client experience cycle is adding that metaphorical cherry on top of the sundae. Jasmine White, Photographer and Owner of Jasmine White Photography says she views getting her client’s event published is “a really simple way that we can say thank you to our couples for choosing us as their photographers and they also are reassured that they made the best decision in working with us because of how often they are seeing blogs/magazines/etc. appreciate their photos.  It’s a win for everyone!” Brandy Angel also says that getting her clients published “allows them to treasure and share their memories with the world in such an extraordinary way. I have so many clients tell me they feel like celebrities when they see themselves in print or on such well respected blogs. There is no better feeling than making your client feel special.” 

So there you have it. Getting published can do wonders for your client experience for every step of the process. Plus, Two Bright Lights is here to make the process of getting published as easy as possible, so that you can get maximum return on each feature! And once your work has been published, it's even easier to share with your clients and fellow creatives over social! Join the community, and follow Two Bright Lights and these creatives on social: @twobrightlights@nikknguyenphoto@brandyangelphotography@jasminewhitephotography@windy_city_production

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