Why Image Crediting is a Social Media Must

August 28, 2019
As a small business owner, you know each one of your events requires a whole lot of work. That’s why we love to talk about the importance of crediting vendors in your albums on TBL. The reasoning is simple: we believe in giving credit where credit is due! Makes sense, right? It should come as no[...]

7 Social Media Marketing Basics for Small Businesses

August 13, 2019
If you’re a small business, you’re probably juggling a million things at once to keep on top of your to do list. Trust us, we feel it too! By now, we all know the importance of creating and maintaining a social media presence for your business. But have you considered how your small business’s[...]

How to get Your Work Published (As told by someone who used to work at a Publisher!)

July 18, 2019
Before co-founding NYC photography boutique, Anée Atelier, and making my transition to full-time photography, I was blessed to have an incredible career in the publishing industry. What began with a position at Essence Magazine, later led to People and People StyleWatch, eventually culminating at[...]

How to Build Your Professional Network in a New Area

July 09, 2019
 Building a professional network can be rough. It can feel even more daunting if you have to do it again in a new market. While there is lots of content out there about SEO, blogging, Facebook ads and more, those things will only get you so far if you do not work to build a strong network. But how[...]

Earn your LGBTQ+ Inclusive Certification with Equally Wed Pro

June 14, 2019
Happy Pride, love champions! I’ve been celebrating Pride since I came out as bisexual in 1997. My journey discovering my identity led me through a variety of terms for my sexual orientation until I landed on what feels the most accurate for me: queer. I’m a queer femme cisgender woman, and my[...]

Free Photographer & Vendor Accounts Just Got Better!

June 11, 2019
We've listened to your feedback, have sent countless surveys and held numerous team brainstorms to come up with ways to make our free submitter experience even better. Over and over again we heard that you wanted to upload even more photos, create more albums, and most importantly, get your work[...]

Revolutionizing Wedding Submissions with Two Bright Lights: A Letter from our Director

June 05, 2019
A Letter from our Director: Since 2009, Two Bright Lights has been the industry leader in streamlining the wedding submissions process. It was the first system that allowed creatives to submit their work to more than one publication at a time, significantly increasing the efficiency of the[...]

Your Account Just Got Even Better: Updates to Open Gallery for Album Creators

May 21, 2019
So what’s happening—in 2 sentences or less. We’re making all of your existing and future uploaded albums available in Open Gallery! This exponentially increases your chances of getting published with no additional effort on your side. What happens to my existing albums? They automatically become[...]

4 Ways to Prep Your Business for Facebook Marketing

May 13, 2019
Facebook marketing can seem like a scary thing to those who don’t know it. Before you start spending your ad dollars, you should make sure your website is prepared to handle the traffic that will come your way.  To make sure a visitor converts to an eventual sale, these things should be in place on[...]

How to Cull an Entire Wedding in Just One Hour

May 06, 2019
Yep, you read that title right! Some of you are going to read it and not even believe that it’s possible. But I’m here to teach all about how I cull all of my weddings in just one hour (or less) and the program I use to do it! For anyone who may not know, “culling” is simply the process of[...]
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