For Editors: TBL Tools to Maximize Your Time

April 16, 2019
As an editor, you’ve got a lot on your plate! We know how busy things get—aren’t we all looking for ways to maximize our time in an already packed day!? We’re making your job easier on Two Bright Lights with a few handy tools that you should not miss out on! Read on below if you put a big emphasis[...]

Automating Your Boutique Wedding Business

April 10, 2019
Yes, I love weddings. But I also love running a business. Like, really love it. I’m Leah, owner and creative director of Color Pop Events, an event planning company based in New York City. I started my business in 2013 with just a handful of clients, and have managed to grow and scale into a[...]

How to Successfully Manage Your Business While Traveling on the Job

April 04, 2019
After fourteen years of photographing weddings and destination-based shoots from the Southwest to the Northeast, Dubai to Israel, the Maldives and on eight islands across the Caribbean, it’s safe to say we’ve picked up a rule or two on how to travel well. More importantly, how to juggle the[...]

How to Pick Publications that Match Your Brand

March 27, 2019
We talk a lot about the importance of doing your research when picking publications to submit your albums to. By now you’ve likely looked at their website, their “about” page, and social media profiles to get a sense of their style and audience. But with so many publications to choose from and the[...]

Creative (and Quick) Ways to Build Your Brand with Tayler Cusick-Hollman

March 12, 2019
As a creative business owner, your to-do list is long. From drafting contracts and overseeing finances to working through projects and managing your client experience, your days are filled with trying to crank through seemingly endless tasks in order to get from first inquiry to final invoice. But,[...]

How to Infuse Your Marketing with Authentic Branding by Jordan Jones

March 06, 2019
When we first started our business, we thought we had to hide behind some fancy agency name and persona. We kept our website uber professional, always signed our emails with “Cheers” and “Best”, and would never ever share our personal lives on our social media or blog. We were under the impression[...]

How to Connect Authentically With Potential Clients

February 26, 2019
The options for potential clients searching for the right professional for their wedding, photoshoot, or event, can feel endless. That’s why the way you connect with your audience is more important now than ever. It’s all about putting yourself out there, engaging with your audience, and making it[...]

6 Tips to Get Published in the Ever-Changing Wedding Media Landscape by Meghan Ely

February 13, 2019
If there is one thing that’s for certain in Wedding PR these days, it’s that nothing is certain. The wedding media landscape is evolving at a rapid pace- from news of mergers and shutdowns to the diversification of new mediums. The question remains- how do you continue to build your press portfolio[...]

5 Ways to Incorporate Storytelling Into Your PR Strategy

February 07, 2019
Good PR is all about who you know and storytelling. Luckily if you’re on Two Bright Lights, we’ve done some of the heavy-lifting for you by establishing these connections! That being said, it’s important to use them to their fullest potential through crafting a compelling story for your business.[...]

The 9 Do's and Don'ts of Submissions

January 17, 2019
Without a doubt, the way you submit your albums can make a huge impact on how you get published. Once you’ve mastered how to upload your albums on Two Bright Lights, it’s time to head into submissions with a clear strategy. Read through these do’s and don’ts of submitting for some tips to get your[...]
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