Two New Two Bright Lights Features: Instagram & Boudoir

March 01, 2017
All of us here are Two Bright Lights are working our hardest to bring you site improvements and product updates that we know you'll love. And today we are particularly excited to announce not one, but TWO new features that were just released to the site! Include your Instagram Handle Including your[...]

5 Ways for Creatives to Increase Inquiry Email Response Rates

February 22, 2017
You just received a notification about a new lead - YAY! So of course, you send off an email to that potential client as quickly as possible… and then you wait. When there’s no phone call or email response you can’t help but wonder, what did I do wrong? What made them change their mind? Responding[...]

FIVE New Editorial Partners on Two Bright Lights

January 25, 2017
We're pumped to share with you some fabulous news that will definitely get you through Hump Day...Five new publications have joined the TBL community! Five new editorial partners means that you now have even more places to submit your work to and an even higher chance of getting published. So what[...]

New! Submit Directly From Submission Requests on Two Bright Lights

January 12, 2017
Your feedback has been clear: You want to make finding the right publication for your work a breeze. We know that Submission Requests are a big help, and the Two Bright Lights team has been working on making your submission process even easier!
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